This is a simple guide of the logistics of MouseHunt that includes important factors to know when hunting.

Points: Points are earned though catching mice and sounding the hunters horn, points influence what traps you can get and how fast you rank up
Gold: Gold is the currency of the MouseHunt world. You can earn it though many ways, catching mice and loyalty chests to say the least. Gold is used to buy traps, bases, charms, cheese, etc. Gold is one of the top things you want to collect.
Trap: Traps are what actually “catch” your mice. The power level and the power type can influence what mice you get and if you will miss a mice or not. Traps have many power types, including physical, tactical, shadow, etc. The different types have different advantages over certain mice. The higher the power level of your trap is, the higher the probability of catching mice.

  • Weapon: This is your actual trap. The weapon is the part of the trap that gives the power type of the trap and is what contributes the most to your trap stat.
  • Base: This is what the weapon stands on. Although this does not give a lot of boost to your trap, it is enough to make a difference in your catch rate.
  • Charms and Charm Conduits: Later on you will gain another trap component called charms. You have to have a charm conduit to equip charms, and the only charm conduit there is currently is the level 1 Pine Conduit. Charms can bring various bonuses to the trap.
  • Cheese: Depending on what type of cheese you use, it will change what mice you will attract. Certain cheese will only attract some mice and some cheese will only work in specific regions.

The Stats:

  • Power: Power is your primary stat-  the more power you have, the higher the probabilty to catch, provided that you are using the right trap type. Also,the power bonus stat increases the power of your trap tremendously.
  • Luck: Luck is contributed to your setup from your trap and from your base. The higher the the luck is of your setup, the more likely you will catch a mice. This also helps you get better loot and/or more frequent mouse drops.
    Golden Shield: You can either buy some Super | Brie+ or  some free offers to obtain something called the Golden Shield. It lasts for 4 weeks and 1 day and adds 7 luck to your setup (A great deal!).
  • Attraction: The stat you actually see on the trap is the attraction bonus. This stat is not really important in earlier ranks, but if you are a Lord or Baron, attraction will affect you in the Seasonal garden/Zugzwang Tower and Fiery Warpath.
  • Cheese Effect: This stat just says how likely your cheese will stale if you fail to attract the mice. The effect ranges from Uber fresh to Uber stale with the latter being the one mostly likely to stale.

Exploring Your Game Layout:

  • Hunter’s Profile
  • Inventory
  • Travel
  • Shops
  • Friends
  • Lore
  • Teams
  • Forums


  • Trap Skins – is an item that changes the appearance of the weapon to which they are applied on. There are two types of skins, namely Removable skins and Blueprint skins. Both types of skins do not affect trap statistics when applied. NOTE: CAN BE OBTAINED THROUGH SPECIAL EVENTS AND DONATING ONLY.
  1. Removable Skin – Removable skins do not require any crafting or changing of traps, letting the hunter easily express his/her unique style without the need to purchase several expensive traps. When a compatible trap is armed, the “Change Trap Skin” button above the trap selector will turn from grey to orange. A popup will appear upon clicking the orange button, allowing hunters to toggle between the original and skinned version(s). These skins are located in the hunter’s Inventory as a sub-tab within the Traps page.
  2. Blueprint Skin – Blueprint skins are applied to the weapon by crafting it with the smashed trap parts. Unlike removable trap skins, the process is irreversible and cannot be used to complete a few specific tasks in Library Assignments. Weapons with blueprint skins appear on the Hunter’s Profile as a different item from their original counterparts. These skins are located in the hunter’s Inventory under the Blueprints section of the Crafting Items tab. NOTE: CAN BE OBTAINED THROUGH Prize Shoppe and the marketplace.


If you would like to donate money to Hitgrab Inc., you will be rewarded for your contributions. Essentially, you are donating in exchange for special items such as Trap Skins (as mentioned above) or special cheese such as Super Brie.

Two main benefits that you receive from Donating :

  • Lucky Golden Shield (+7 luck)
  • Super|Brie+ (99% attraction rate for many mice, sell at marketplace)
King’s Credits:
King’s Credits are special tokens that you can obtain through several methods:
  • Loyalty Chest
  • Certain Mice, such as Grave Robber M0use, Zombot Unipire Mouse, etc.
  • When someone levels up to a new rank, they can share it, and you can claim a King’s Credit
King’s Credits are spent in a location called the King’s Arms. You can purchase special crates, Trap Skin Blueprints, or Super|Brie+. However, you should keep your king’s credits until you reach a point where it is necessary for you to buy certain items, such as scrap metal or token packs.

These are some the important factors that new hunters should understand, so you can get a better understanding of how the logistics of the game works.
Happy Hunting!


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