Congratulations! You are now a “Master” Hunter.

 The Master

Basic Overview:

This is the first stage of the intermediate ranks, where you have many new options.

New Locations/Skills:

You may hunt in the Laboratory, Town of Digby, Mousoleum, and Great Gnarled Tree.

You may send Stale Cheese and Radioactive Sludge through gifting.


Your current setup should be Swiss Army Knife Trap with Explosive/Dehydration base and Swiss cheese. Also, you should have a good stock of Brie Cheese, but do not use it just yet. It will be converted into another type of cheese later on.

Please revisit the Journeyman page if you need to know what you should have by now.

Part 1: Laboratory and Town of Digby:

1. Travel to the Laboratory first.

If you don’t have the map piece; refer back to the Journeyman’s guide to get the map piece.  In the Laboratory you will need to catch a Dwarf Mouse that drops the Key to the Town of Digby, this might take one or two days. If you loot it early, do not go there just yet.

Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions

2. In the Laboratory, you will find White and Grey Mouse, but they are mutated! Also, some mice will drop the Radioactive Blue Cheese Potion. Stay at the laboratory until you collect 30 or more Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions. This will take a while to do, put the patience will pay off in the end. These potions will make Radioactive Blue Cheese that is needed in a later stage of Master.

3. After collecting the potions and obtaining the Key to the Town of Digby, travel to the Town of Digby. Stay here and hunt until you catch a Zombie Mouse that drops the Tattered Mousoleum Map.

Trapsmith: Before moving on to Mousoleum, note that you will need to buy a Shadow Trap and the trap smith. In the Mousoleum, you are introduced to a new ‘type’ of mice where physical traps such as the Swiss Army become extremely weak. Thus, at the trapsmith, you should decide between the Ambrosial Portal or the Sinister Portal. Forget the Bottomless Grave – it’s a complete waste of gold. By the way you should also notice that the Digby Drillbot is sold here. Although you do not need to get the Digby Drillbot yet, eventually you will need it so if you have spare gold, get it!

Ambrosial Portal vs Sinister Portal

Ambrosial Portal has a higher attraction bonus and is cheaper, but Sinister Portal yields a higher catch rate for the cost of 600 more gold. In the end, the Sinister Portal is proven to have higher catch rates, good at making Stale Cheese (used for later), and therefore the better choice.

Sinister Portal

Part Two: Mousoleum:

Before traveling to the Mousoleum, be sure to have converted Brie Cheese into Radioactive Blue Cheese (RB) using the Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions. If you do not have enough

Lycan Mouse

gold to convert all, just use 1 or 2 potions and use the gold you earn from those to convert more. With Sinsiter Portal/Explosive or Dehydration/RB, you are ready to  make your first encounter with Shadow Mice.

At the Mousoleum, the mice may seem stronger and steal more gold and points, but that is outweighed by the ton of gold and points they are worth, making it a very good place to farm gold.

Main Goal: Catch the Lycan mouse that drops the Shredded Furoma Map Piece.

Radioactive Blue Cheese can attract Lycan Mouse, but an alternative is Moon Cheese. To find more about moon cheese, click here. A basic overview is that this cheese requires Super|Brie+ and a Meteorite Piece.

If you run out of Radioactive Blue Cheese, then go back to the Laboratory to get more potions (which is why you should have gotten a lot to begin with ~30 potions).

Subgoal: Catch Vampire Mouse. This mouse is slightly easier to catch than Lycan but nevertheless very hard. There’s no real benefit to catching it except to complete the silhouette. Just give your self a pat on the back for catching it early, because it reappears much later in the game.

After you catch Lycan Mouse with the Shredded Furoma Map Piece, and have around 30-40 RB left, move to the Great Gnarled Tree (GGT).

Fairy Mouse

The reason for this is that it takes a very long time to farm RB cheese (as you probably know already) and you’ll need it later. Thus, get ahead of the game by going to the GGT. [ You should have gotten the map piece for the Cyclops Mouse in the Calm Clearing ].  Ignore everything at the GGT except for the Fairy Mouse, which drops a map piece to another location called the Lagoon, which you won’t be able to access for a long time. You should notice that all the mice here are of the Forest Guild and most are Tactical, meaning physical traps such as the Swiss Army are effective, but not the best. As a result, it is a good idea to get the Venus Mouse Trap.

Mutated Venus Mouse Trap

If you purchased the Venus Mouse Trap and have 827,500 points, you can upgrade your Venus Mouse Trap to the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap. The recipe for the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap is 1Venus Mouse Trap Husk+ 20 Radioactive Sludge. You may ask, “Where do I get the Radioactive Sludge?” and the answer is: you should already have it. Remember Stale Cheese that you started collecting as a Journeyman? When you stale a Radioactive Blue Cheese, you will receive Radioactive Sludge. An alternative method is to ask your friends to send you some via gifting. Arm this with Swiss (or preferably Brie since your goal is to attract and catch a mouse rather than profit) and either the Explosive or Dehydration base.

But of course, even with the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap, GGT won’t be easy. Don’t worry though, your main focus is the Fairy mouse, and after catching it, you won’t have to bother with GGT for a while. There will also be many, many more opportunities to upgrade to higher level tactical traps if you ever want to come back.

Another task in the GGT is collecting the Gnarled Potion the mice drops. Do not convert the potions now as the higher your rank the more cheese these potions yield. Alternate between doing this and earning as much gold as possible doing the Laboratory and Mousoleum cycle. I recommend earning gold because you will be in dire gold soon and you will craft a more powerful tactical trap as a Grandmaster.

NEXT: Grandmaster Rank >>>


4 responses to “Master”

  1. BigB says :

    by smashing the Venus Mouse Trap how many Venus Mouse Trap husk do you get. is it 1? which is need to craft Muteated Venus Mouse Trap

    • MastaPan says :

      Yes, by smashing the Venus Mouse Trap you will obtain 1 Venus Mouse Trap husk which can be combined with 20 Radioactive Sludge to yield the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap.

  2. BigB says :

    i got the muteated venus mouse trap now with Dehydration base. wht cheese to go with it. hunting in GGT region?

    • MastaPan says :

      Brie over Swiss. Although more expensive, Brie has a higher attraction rate and thus increases your chance of attracting the Fairy, your main target.

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