Congratulations! You are now Legendary!

 The Legendary

Basic Overview: There are a lot of new locations now, and the game will start getting complicated. There are more and more paths to choose.

New Locations/Skills:

You will be able to hunt in the:

Bristle Woods


~Forbidden Grove

~Acolyte Realm

The location on the left is the Forbidden Grove, and the location that has stairs leading down to blackness is the Catacombs.



~S.S. Huntington II

Tribal Isles

~Cape Clawed

~Elub Shore

~Nerg Plains

~Derr Dunes


Loyalty Chest contents improved


What you should have as of now:

You should have already repaired the Mousoleum Map, if not go to the Bazaar’s Cartographer and pay 160,000 gold to repair the map. The map takes 5 days to repair, so in this time we recommend you to gather Radioactive Blue Potions in the Laboratory to farm gold in Mousoleum. In the end, be sure to have at least 316,350 gold before entering the Catacombs in Bristle Woods.

1. Travel to Catacombs and buy the Obelisk of Slumber (Arcane Power).

Obelisk of Slumber

There is no trap substitute as of now. Arm this with Explosive/Dehydration Base and Radioactive Blue Cheese (RB). Notice that all the mice here are of the Arcane Power Type, and shadow traps or physical traps are extremely weak.

Major Goals:

With Obelisk of Slumber in the Catacombs the mice there bring in quite a bit of gold, but for the next task you will need around a whooping 632,700 gold and 12 Scrap Metals. Collecting 12 Scrap Metal is no easy task, and you might even finish earning the gold before that, but after you do the rewards will be great. While earning the gold, you will want to catch the Keepers Mouse that drops the Keeper’s Candle as this is needed to progress further into Bristle Woods. Do NOT proceed to any further locations after obtaining the Keeper’s Candle. You will proceed to those areas at a later time, because stronger and more sophisticated traps are needed.

Now, before this next step, take a look at your Points counter and make sure you have at least 3,393,600 points.

After you have obtained around 632,700 gold and 12 Scrap Metals, it is time to craft a new Arcane trap.

Remember the Onyx stone you got from the Master of the Dojo? You better have gotten it or….you’ll have to do Furoma all over again (See Grandmaster here)!  Also, grab the Mysterious Blueprints from the General Store. Then buy 3 SB+ from the Marketplace or Donate to get the SB+ and smash it to receive 3 Magic Essence. Lastly smash the Obelisk of Slumber to receive Obelisk Parts.

The recipe for the new Arcane trap is:

1 Mysterious Blueprints+1 Obelisk Parts+1 Onyx Stone+3 Magic Essence+12 Scrap Metals=

Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery!! This trap is a mouthful to say, so the hunters came up with an acronym for it. The acronym for Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery is…. ACRoNYM! Punny, isn’t it?


Arm the ACRONYM with the Explosive Base. And now like the Mousoleum, gold gets to you quick, but even quicker here. It’s recommended that you stay here for a while, because there is a reason why you need this gold (hint hint). If you need more RB, be sure to go back to the laboratory and farm more.

NOTE: The ACRONYM has an Insanely Stale Cheese effect. Don’t worry if your cheese stales. In fact, the benefit is greater since it will turn into Radioactive Blue Sludge which will be needed for crafting later.

Before leaving the Catacombs area, be sure to have around 1.9 million gold along with at least 18 Scrap Metal and a whole stock of Radioactive Sludge.

And now….

OPTIONAL TASK (If you would like to take a break and burn some time)

Special Quest

Location: Town of Digby
Goal: Capture Nugget with Digby Drillbot Parts and Big Bad Burroughs with Monolith Base.

If you’re interested, please refer to the Special Quest page.

Anyways on to the second part of Legendary. (Crafting the Ship)

First  let me give you the crafting recipe: 1 King’s Reserve Bubbleh+1 Ship Blueprints+18 Scrap Metal+70 Bolt of Cloth+100 Rope+700 Splintered Wood= S.S. Huntington II

This task takes about 615,000 gold and you might not even finish as a Legendary.

We can buy the Bolt of Cloth, Rope and King’s Reserve Bubbleh at the Great Gnarled Tree. We can also buy Splintered Wood in the Training Grounds. The Ship Blueprints can be bought at the General Store at the Catacombs for 750,000, this is not worth the price so alternatively we can catch the Hydra Mouse in the Lagoon.

Remember the Gnarled Cheese you were supposed to gather? Now is the time to equip Ambush with Dehydration base and Gnarly Cheese and go to the Lagoon.

Catching the Hydra Mouse is one of the more painful task in Mousehunt and it makes catching the Lycan Mouse look like child’s play. In fact we might need to catch Hydra Mouse multiple times, because it does not always drop the Ship Blueprints. With Ambush and Dehydration Base you will catch Hydra Mouse about 1/5 of the time and the Hydra Mouse doesn’t appear at at your trap every time with Gnarled Cheese.


Hydra Mouse

Hydra Mouse is also prone to dropping Scrap Metal, so for the people that didn’t go to Bristle Woods, it will be painful getting 18 from Hydra Mouse. (Remember: go to the Great Gnarled Tree if you want more Gnarled Cheese)  Another problem for people who didn’t go to Bristle Woods is that you do not really have a good source income to get the gold needed to craft ship.

For ACRoNYM  users, you can earn the Scrap Metal by sitting in the Catacombs. This will bring even gold to craft the Ship and all the Scrap Metal you need.

After weeks of  misses and fails you should be able to craft the S.S. Huntington II. If you are still legendary after you crafted the S.S. Huntington II feel free to read the Hero’s section about what to do.

NEXT: Hero Rank >>>


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