Congratulations! You are now in the last stage of the intermediate ranks – the prestigious Knight!

The Knight

Basic Overview: Complete all locations in the Tribal Isles. The game requries lots of crafting and planning now. Because the game becomes more and more open to personal decision making, we split the Knight guide based on major tasks and goals rather than a linear path. These goals are the BIG 3: The Dreaded Horde, The Acolyte, and The Dragon Mouse.

New Locations/Skills:

You may go to the Dracano and Balack’s Cove.


You should be hunting in the Derr Dunes, Elub Shore, and the Nerg Plains. If not, see the Hero page.

Here the game will start getting a little tricky, and quite frustrating at times.


Part 1: The Dreaded Horde

Jungle of Dread

NOTE: If you are still a Hero, please go back to hunt in Elub, Derr or Nerg. You are too early and probably are lacking important craft items, such as seeds for this part. It’s best to get as much loot as possible, because the next stage will be dreadful, hence the title of the area.

In the Jungle of Dread, your goal is to catch the 6 monstrous shadow mice that roam here. They are the Chitinous, Jurrasic, Field Swamp, Magma Carrier, Primal, and Stonework Warrior. There’s also a breed called Pygmy Mice, but we won’t worry about them now. And finally, there’s the Sylvan mouse that essentially acts as a bait spoiler.

Crafting the Cheeses:

You may have noticed that you have been getting a special kind of loot, called pepper seeds. Each tribe drops different pepper seeds, namely yellow, red, and blue. If you have noticed, these are the 3 primary colors. Now, you will need to travel to Cape Clawed and purchase some pepper pots. I would buy around 50, since if you need more you can always come back.

You now have to do the tedious task of farming pepper seeds. Use each tribe’s special cheese (Gumbo, Crunchy, and Shell), and try to obtain at least 30 of each pepper seed. This should be enough for the time being.

Now is the time to start crafting Pepper Plants! Craft about 4 or 5 of each Pepper Plant, excluding Inferno Pepper plant, since each plant gives you 1-5 peppers.

There are 6 types of basic Pepper Plants:

Creamy (Orange)
Crunchy (Green)
Magical (Blue)
Pungent (Purple)
Spicy (Red)
Sweet (Yellow)

As you have probably guessed, each of these colors are formed by either one of the colored pepper seeds, or combining 2 colors. There is a general crafting rule for Pepper plants: every Plant has 2 Pepper Seeds and 1 Plant pot. The seeds you use will determine the color. Here are 2 examples.

Ex. 1: I decide to craft 1 Yellow Pepper Seed+1 Red Pepper seed+1 Plant pot. The resulting Pepper Plant is a Creamy (Orange) Pepper Plant.

Ex. 2:I decided to craft 2 blue pepper seeds+1 plant pot. The resulting pepper plant is a magical (blue) pepper plant.

Now that you have crafted these pepper plants, they are ready to be picked! Go to the special tab in your inventory, and select “pick one” or “pick all” for your Pepper plants, and you will get some Peppers!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Well, what do I do with these Peppers?” Well, you may have noticed a location on the map called the Jungle of Dread. To hunt here, you need a new type of crafted cheese, known as Havarti. Here I will give you the formula for crafting each of the Havarti’s and match them up with the mice they attract.

Jurrasic Mouse: Creamy Havarti: 6 Creamy Orange Pepper+6 Salt+10 Coconut Milk+18 Curds and Whey
Field Swamp Mouse: Crunchy Havarti: 6 Crunchy Green Pepper+6 Salt+4 Coconut Milk+18 Curds and Whey
Stonework Warrior Mouse: Magical Havarti: 6 Magical Blue Pepper+6 Salt+2 Coconut Milk+18 Curds and Whey
Chitinous Mouse: Pungent Havarti: 6 Pungent Purple Pepper+6 Salt+8 Coconut Milk+18 Curds and Whey
Magma Carrier Mouse: Spicy Havarti: 6 Spicy Red Pepper+6 Salt+12 Coconut Milk+18 Curds and Whey
Primal Mouse: Sweet Havarti: 6 Sweet Yellow Pepper+6 Salt+6 Coconut Milk+18 Curds and Whey

Did you catch all that?

Clockapult of Time


Well, after you have crafted some Havarti (at least 12 of each kind), head to Cape Clawed and purchase a new Shadow trap!

Available Options for Purchase:

Bottomless Grave
Gorgon Trap
Clockapult of Time

Out of the traps here, only the Bottomless Grave looks familiar. However, this trap is too weak now to be of much use, so disregard it. The Clockapult of Time is by far the best trap you can buy, but it requires 20 million points and 2.7 million gold. So, an average hunter with a little less than average patience may decide to go ahead and buy the Gorgon Trap, with slightly lower catch rates. Of course, if you’d like to spend more time and wait until you reach 20 million points and collect 2,700,000 gold, that’s up to you and equally reasonable. Remember, Knight is a long stage in the first place, and it won’t hurt to wait and improve your catch rates.

Alright, now you are all set to visit the Jungle of Dread. Simply travel there, and arm your strongest/luckiest base+Clockapault (or Gorgon weaker)+your choice of Havarti, and you’re all set to go in the Jungle of Dread!

Optional: You may choose instead to buy some Jungle of Dread Champion Kits, as they contain Havarti as well as Dreaded Charms. These cost Tournament Tokens.

The Hunting:

It’s hard, but you’re going to have to deal with it.

Now that you are hunting in the Jungle of Dread, you may notice that you are getting quite a lot of misses. This is all right, as the mice here are quite difficult to catch. However, your perseverance will soon pay off, since you will notice that the mice here drop different parts, such as Timeless Encrusted Gem or the like. Once you catch all 6 of the mice using the Havartis, you will have the parts needed to craft Ancient Box Trap, the one and only Forgotten type trap in the game!

NOTE: The good thing is that you only need to obtain ONE of each loot, meaning that you only need to catch a single one of each breed that drops the loot. So if you hate it, you are granted relief in a quicker fashion.

Once you have all the loot, you are ready to move on–unless you enjoy such a dreadful place


Part 2: Forbidden Grove/Acolyte Realm

Acolyte Hunting

Crafting the Trap:

First thing, craft the Ancient Box Trap – the only trap of the Forgotten power type and effective against Acolyte mice.

You may need to purchase the Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece from Cape Clawed, if you haven’t already. Also, when catching the tribe chieftains, they should have dropped certain blueprint pieces. You use these to craft the Ancient Box Trap Blueprints, using the formula as follows:

1 Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece+1 Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece+ 1 Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece+1 Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece.

And you also have the parts dropped from the mice in the Jungle of Dread.

Here I will give you the recipe for the Ancient Box Trap, more commonly known as the ABT.

ABT: 1 Ancient Box Trap Blueprints+1 Ancient Relic Staff+1 Encrusted Metal of Time+1 Engraved Solid Stone Slab+1 Ethereal Rope+1 Hinge of Eternity+1 Timeless Mystic Gem.

Ancient Box Trap

Crafting the Cheese:

Now that you have succesfully crafted the ABT, it is time to catch one of the hardest mice to catch in the game: the Acolyte Mouse. Let’s head back to Bristle Woods (either in Forbidden Grove or Acolyte Realm).

Attracting the Acolyte requires a new type of cheese: Runic Cheese. Fortunately, the mice in the Jungle of Dread dropped Runic Potions. Use them to convert Gouda into Runic. However, your supply of Runic Potions is limited, so you will need to craft some Runic Cheese as well. Now, here’s another crafting formula:

Runic Cheese

Runic Cheese: 1 Rune+1 Stale Cheese+3 Ionized Salt

Now, you may be wondering what in the world Runes are. Well, when you were hunting in the Catacombs, you may have caught a Keeper Mouse, which dropped the Keeper’s Candle. This allows you to travel to the Forbidden Grove.

Hunting in the Forbidden Grove requires Ancient Cheese, which, sadly, requires crafting (again).

Here is the formula for crafting Ancient Cheese: 3 Stale Cheese+6 Ionized Salt

You may have noticed that there are Ancient Potions, but the conversion rate is much too expensive, so it is more economic to craft it.

Now, after crafting some Ancient Cheese, you need to hunt at the Forbidden Grove with ACRONYM+Ancient Cheese. The mice here will drop the runes needed to craft Runic Cheese.


Ancient Cheese

The Hunting:

Caution: The Forbidden Grove and the Acolyte Realm alternate in a 20-hour cycle. The Forbidden Grove remains open for 16 hours, during which you may travel there and hunt there. Then, after the 16 hours is up, you will be transported to the Acolyte Realm. You may not travel to the Forbidden Grove during this time period, nor may you travel to the

Acolyte Mouse

Acolyte Realm in any other way except through the Forbidden Grove. After 4 hours, the cycle repeats.

This makes catching the Acolyte Mouse extremely painstaking, and you will find that it will probably take over 100 hunts before you may catch it. However, once you do manage to catch it, the rewards will be great.

Use the Ancient Box Trap + Luckiest Base + Lucky charms, and hope you catch one early on.

If you succeed, the Acolyte will drop a Mysterious Box, which contains two items. One of them is a Frozen Scroll, and the other is one kind of a variety of cheeses, or possibly fire salt, runes, magic essence, or acolyte relics.

The Frozen Scroll is the item of attention here. This is an essential part in the crafting of yet another, and last, trap for the time being. This trap is the Ice Maiden, the only Draconic type trap in the game. As you can probably guess, this trap is useful in catching the Dragon Mouse.

The formula goes as follows: 1 Frozen Scroll+1 High Tension Spring Parts+60 Runes.

If you ran out of runes while hunting for the acolyte, farm more runes and craft the Ice Maiden before continuing to the next step.

Ice Maiden


Part 3: Dracano

Catching the Dragon Mouse

If you haven’t realized, there’s no break for you as a brave and honorable Knight. It just gets tougher and tougher. Your next task is to head to the Dracano and catch the fierce and fiery Dragon Mouse.


Crafting the Cheese for Dracano:

If you recall, when crafting pepper plants, you combined 2 pepper seeds to create different colors. However, there was 1 color that was not included: white. This is the final pepper plant in the game: the Inferno Pepper Plant. The crafting is as follows(although you could probably guess):

1 Blue Pepper Seed+1 Red Pepper Seed+1 Yellow Pepper Seed+1 Plant Pot

Craft enough pepper plants to obtain at least 18-24 inferno peppers.

Then, it’s time to craft some Inferno Havarti! Use this formula:

Inferno Havarti: 6 Inferno Peppers+6 Fire Salt+16 Coconut Milk+18 Curds and Whey.

Notice this time that instead of using regular salt, you used fire salt. Fire salt is dropped by the mice in the Jungle of Dread, and is therefore quite treasured. If you find yourself needing more fire salt, refer back to the Jungle of Dread section!

Now, after you have crafted about 18-24 Inferno Havarti, you can start the hunt for the Dragon Mouse, the last mouse in the Knight’s story line rank!

Inferno Havarti

The Hunting:

Dragon Mouse

Trap Setup: Arm your luckiest base (presumably Aqua Base)+Ice Maiden+Inferno Havarti.

You have the option to arm any charms of your choice, but I advise you not to purchase Dragonbane Charms. While these charms may look appealing, they do not increase the Dragon catch rates by much and are a little overpriced (market prices are from 160000-200000).

If you fail to catch Dragon and have used up all your Inferno Havarti, don’t give up! Simply gather more fire salt and inferno peppers, and try again! Catching the Dragon Mouse is essential to advancing further in the game, as it drops the Dragon’s Chest. There are lots of possible contents in these chests, but the most notable and important are the Zugzwang’s Scarf and Magic Feather. The Zugzwang’s Scarf allows you to travel to a new location: the Seasonal Garden. However, that is a location for Lord/Lady, so you probably can’t travel there yet. The second item, the Magic Feather, allows the crafting of a much better Tactical trap: the Zugzwang’s First Move (commonly known as ZFM). ZFM is a tactical trap that has better stats than the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap, but you don’t have to worry about that quite yet. After getting these two components, you are officially done with Knight! Feel free to catch more Dragons, farm gold for later use, compete in tournaments, or anything else that captures your fancy until you reach the rank or Lord/Lady!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!


The Rest of Knight:

You will notice that after completing the Big 3, you will probably have a big portion of the Knight rank still to complete. While waiting for the Lord/Lady promotion, you can either chill out, farm gold, redo some of the goals, catch mice you may have skipped and pretty much everything.

If you’re stuck on choosing something, you can visit our Special Quests page [Coming Soon], because it’s definitely a great time to complete some!

NEXT: Lord/Lady Rank >>>


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