Congratulations you are Hero, or you are Legendary and finished building the Ship!

 The Hero

Basic Overview: Travel the sea and explore new mice-infested areas. Ahoy, look ahead! A mysterious island awaits…

New Locations/Skills:

You may go to the Jungle of Dread.


By now, You have crafted the S.S. Huntington II and you are ready for a new adventure!

Travel to the  S.S. Huntington II. Remember to bring some Brie with you. On the S.s. Huntington II  you will see many never seen before mice that have inhabited your new ship and stolen your navigation tools. Without them, you won’t be able to set sail!


Aqua Base

First you will want to look at the fine traps the Trapsmith offers on your ship.  If you have not gotten the Candy Cane Base from the Christmas Event, you should get the Aqua Base, as it’s the closest alternative. You will notice two new traps that have a new power type: Hydro.  Although you may not notice many Hydro mice aboard the ship…think for a moment where we are headed – to the shore of an island. As a result, you will need one later, but of course, don’t have to buy one now.

The two traps are:

Net Cannon

1. Net Cannon has 3,000 power and 5luck

Harpoon Gun

2. Harpoon Gun has 3,000power and 7%power bonus

Ultimately, if you bought the Aqua Base, catch rates for Net Cannon with Aqua Base is just slightly better. If you didn’t want to buy the Aqua Base then Harpoon Gun with Explosive Base will work almost as fine.

Setting Sail:

Now, we will need to catch the thieves that stole parts of our Navigation Kit.

With your best Physical or Tactical trap, you will need to catch 3 mice on the ship: Bottled Mouse, Captain Mouse and Shipwrecked Mouse. These mice will drop Compass, Telescope, and Sextant respectively. Combine the Compass, Telescope and Sextant, and you will get the Ocean Navigation Kit. It’s time to sail!

Ocean Navigation Kit


The Tribal Isles

Cape Clawed:

With your Ocean Navigation Kit, you can now go to the Tribal Isles. The  first location in the Tribal Isles you should go to is Cape Clawed, the meeting place of the three tribes of mice that roam the island. In Cape Clawed, you can buy a new type of cheese in the Cheese Shoppe called Gouda Cheese. Gouda will be the cheese you will use from now on, and you may notice it costs a lot more than Brie (costs 600 gold per piece), but this is countered by the fact that mice are prized much more highly here. Stock up on Gouda and plan to go to one of the three locations on the island. You may do them in any order, but I put them in my recommended order. For now, let’s look at our traps.

Your best Physical trap should be Digby Drillbot or a limited edition Physical trap.

Your best Tactical trap should be Ambush or a limited edition Tactical trap.

Your best Hydro trap should be Net Cannon or a limited edition Hydro trap.

If you don’t have these traps, you must get the traps listed or better ones. Otherwise, you will be butchered.

Also you might want to look at the Tribal Base, which costs 499,600 gold, and is the base with the highest power bonus in the game. Unfortunately, the Aqua Base will outdo Tribal Base after you obtain some new traps and it is best to save your gold for long term plans. But, of course, it’s still something to look into if you’ve got a lot of gold.

Tiki Base

(*Note: The Marketplace sells a Tiki Base Blueprint, an upgrade to the Tribal base, but at a much higher price.)

(**Note: The benefit of Tiki Base is that it adds 6 luck when you are in any of the three tribal locations: Nerg, Derr, or Elub.)


Nerg Plains

Let’s go to this tribe first.

The catch rates are generally higher here than any other place, and therefore should be the easiest. Use Ambush/Aqua/Gouda, and you should have no problems catching the mice there. Any limited edition tactical trap should work just as well check out the trap comparison page for more details.

Goals in this Tribe:

Collecting the necessary loot:

Gumbo Cheese

After a while, you will notice that most of the mice you catch drops Savory Vegetables. Stay at Nerg and collect around 550,000 gold along with a stock of Savory Vegetables. After you have gathered around 30 you will need to move back to Cape Clawed.  In the Cape Clawed General Store buy 1 Salt, 15 Coconut Milk and 90 Curds and Whey. Combine what you bought from the General Store and the 30 Savory Vegetables. The result is 15 Gumbo Cheese.

Upgrading to a New Trap:

As good as you think the Ambush may be, there’s a much more powerful upgrade to consider.

Nerg Chieftain

Equip your Gumbo Cheese and same trap set-up, but this time hunt in Cape Clawed. You need to catch a Grandfather Mouse that drops Thorned Vine.

Now, with the gold you have farmed, buy the Thorned Mouse Trap Plans from the Cape Clawed General Store. With these ingredients, we can craft a more power trap.

Horrific Venus Mouse Trap

Smash your Mutated Venus Mouse Trap and you will receive a Venus Mouse Trap Husk. Combine that with the Thorned Mouse Trap Plans and Thorned Vine. Viola! You have upgraded your Mutated Venus Mouse Trap. But wait, there’s more! If you smash the Thorned Venus Mouse Trap you will get a Thorned Venus Mouse Trap Husk and when combined with 20 Radioactive Sludge…..You craft the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap!

With your new trap, go back to the Nerg Plains and equip your Gumbo Cheese and you will attract 3 new and strong mice like  the Defender and Slayer mouse, the guardians of the chief and of course, the chief itself. Your main target is the Nerg Chieftain. He drops the Ancient Ripped Blueprints. Also the mice you catch will drop Yellow Pepper Seeds, which you will need it later. If you ran out of Gumbo Cheese, then you will have to repeat the tedious task of collecting 30 more Savory Vegetables.

Oh yeah last thing, did you notice that Nerg was Gren backwards? Fits the theme well, doesn’t it?

Last note, Nerg is average for gold and points so feel free to come back here to have a steady source of gold and points.


Derr Dunes

These mice are brutal –  they will tear your trap apart and steal cheese by the tons. The upside is that catching them will bring a nice profit. The minimum trap setup here is Digby Drillbot with Aqua Base. Any limited edition physical traps will be good enough here. Check out the trap comparison page for more details

Crunchy Cheese

The mice here drops Delicious Stones, and after you have gathered 30 go back to Cape Clawed again. This time you will need 10 Curds and Whey, 20 Coconut Milk and 30 Salt. Combine these ingredients with 30 Delicious Stones will yield 15 Crunchy Cheese.

This time you will be after the Aged Mouse in Cape Clawed. He will drop a Rhino Horn and Stale SB+. We will talk about Stale SB+ later. To craft the next trap, you will need 940,000 gold to craft Rhinobot. This amount is tremendous but the benefits of this trap will offset the cost. Limited Edition trap owners, you may skip this trap right now.

So, you have finally gathered the gold needed, just buy the Rhinobot Blueprints from the Cape Clawed General Store. Another thing you need is 24 Stale SB+ as you have seen Aged Mouse drops them, also if your SB+ goes stale it becomes Stale SB+. The easiest method is to stale Runic Cheese but I have not discussed Runic Cheese yet so click on the Knights page to find out. After you get your Stale Sb+ you can now craft the Rhinobot


The crafting formula for Rhinobot is: 1 Digby Drillbot Part+1 Rhino Horn+ 1 Rhinobot Blueprints+24 Stale Sb+(Reminder: you need 16million points to craft the Rhinobot)

And you may have guessed how to get the Digby Drillbot Part, You smash Digby Drillbot!

Derr Chieftain

With the powerful Rhinobot, you can smash through these mice in Derr Dunes. So equip the rest of your Crunchy Cheese and you will attract three new mice, the Gladiator Mouse, Guardian Mouse and the Derr Chieftain. Your main goal is to  catch the Derr Chieftain Mouse. The Derr Chieftain Mouse will drop an Ancient Mangled Blueprint. All the mice here drops Red Pepper Seeds.

Final Note: If you want an even more powerful trap then you should craft the Enraged Rhinobot it is a major improvement over the all powerful Rhinobot.

Enraged Rhinobot

The crafting recipe is 1 Rhinobot part+ 3 Rhino Horns+6 Tiny Platinum Bars+48 Stale Sb+ (Do note that you need 17million points to craft this trap)

You can get the Tiny Platinum Bars at the Training Grounds.

Oh yeah, Derr is rred backwards, I hope you noticed!

One last thing, the Derr dunes is extremely profitable with Enraged Rhinobot so collecting gold here is better than the Catacombs. On the downside, this place sucks for points. So if you are in competition for points with someone, this is not the place to go.


Elub Shore

Elub Chieftain

I hate this place, just because I see hydro traps as not very important compared to tactical and physical traps.

Anyways this place is good for points but you will gain almost no profit. Well your set-up should be Net Cannon/Aqua/Gouda. Any limited edition hydro trap will be a suitable replacement. Check out the trap comparison page for more details.

Shell Cheese

The mice here drops Seashells, and after you have gathered 30 go back to Cape Clawed again. This time you will need 60 Curds and Whey, 10 Coconut Milk and 40 Salt. Combine these ingredients with 30 Seashells will yield 15 Shell Cheese.

You will go after the Elder Mouse this time. He drops Ancient Spear, with that we are going to craft another new trap, the Ancient Spear Gun. This one is quite cheap if you have bought Net Cannon already.

The recipe is 1 Ancient Spear+1 Ancient Spear Launcher Blueprints+1 Launcher Parts

Ancient Spear Gun

The blueprints can be obtained at the Cape Clawed General Store for 160,000 gold and the Launcher Part is from smashing Net Cannon.

Do the same thing as the other tribes, so equip your new trap and come back to the Elub Shore with shell cheese. This time, the 3 mice you will attract are the Protectior Mouse, Champion Mouse, and Elub Chieftain Mouse. They all drop Blue Pepper Seeds. Elub Chieftain Mouse is the one we need to catch, he drops an Ancient Frayed Blueprint.

And Elub is, as you may have noticed, a rearrangement of Blue ^.^


Final Note: You might not finish all three tribes as a Hero, but that is okay continue to do this as a Knight. Also get 1 more batch of  Gumbo, Crunchy and Shell Cheese and use them in the respective places as you will need pepper seeds as a Knight.

NEXT: Knight Rank >>>


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