Good job! You are now a Grandmaster!

 The Grandmaster

Basic Overview: Enter into Furoma, defeat the students, masters, and finally…the two beastly elites that roam the top floor of the Pagoda : The Master of the Dojo and the Dojo Sensei.
New Locations/Skills:

You can travel to these new locations

  • Training Grounds
  • Dojo
  • Meditation Room
  • Pinnacle Chamber
  • Bazaar
  • Lagoon


In Furoma, you will need to use either Brie or Maki cheese. The use of Maki cheese will make your stay in Furoma much easier, but Maki is even more expensive than SuperBrie+! The use of Maki cheese will be illustrated in “The Millionaire’s Guide”.

First, buy more Brie! You should still have some leftover from your Mousoleum bouts, but you will need much more for Furoma.

You will notice most of the mice here are of the Tactical Power Type. Thus, you should hunt in the Training Grounds with MVMT, Explosive Base/Dehydration Base, and Brie. You will notice a significantly high increase in stale cheese. That’s because the MVMT and Explosive Base together have a cheese effect of “Ultimately Stale”.  Of course, you shouldn’t have such a big problem if you armed the Dehydration Base.

Ticket To The Burroughs Bazaar

Your objective is to get a ticket to the Bazaar from a Kung Fu Mouse, an Assassin Mouse, or an Archer Mouse. After retrieving the ticket, buy 250 Curds and Whey, 10 Nori, 3 Rice Paper, 10 Burroughs Salmon, and 19 Splintered Wood at the Training Grounds General Store.

Then travel to the Bazaar with 100,000 gold and repair your Shredded Furoma Map Piece (from Lycan Mouse) and buy 10 Cheesy Fluffs, 10 Paint Brand Paint, and 10 Invisi-Glue. If you need gold, either sell some of your Brie at the Bazaar Cheese Shop or head to the Mousoleum with the Sinister Portal, Explosive Base, and Radioactive Blue Cheese to collect however much gold you need.

While waiting for your map piece to finish repairing, you can farm gold in the GGT or farm Radioactive Blue potions at the Laboratory.

When map is completed, you will notice 3 new locations: Dojo, Meditation Room, and Pinnacle Chamber. Retrieve it from the Bazaar and travel to the Dojo.

Glutter Cheese

Sushesee Cheese

Combat Cheese

Goals: Use MVMT/Dehydration Base/Brie to catch the Student of the Cheese Fang, Student of the Cheese Belt, and Student of the Cheese Claw mice.When you collect three tokens, craft the corresponding cheese using the chart below:                                                                                                       

Formula: Glutter (3 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Cheesy Fluffs 1 80
Invisi-glu 1 50
Token of the Cheese Belt 3 Loot
Curds and Whey 7 12
Total 214
Formula: Combat (3 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Paint-brand Paint 1 120
Splintered Wood 1 150 / Loot
Token of the Cheese Fang 3 Loot
Curds and Whey 5 12
Total 183 – 333
Formula: Susheese (3 pieces)
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Burroughs Salmon 1 150
Nori 1 5
Curds and Whey 3 12
Token of the Cheese Claw 3 Loot
Total 191

Source: Data numbers provided by HitGrab Inc., MhWiki.

Now, travel to the Meditation Room. There, you need to try to catch the master of each school. After catching a master, stop using that master’s corresponding cheese. Repeat until you catch one of each master mouse.

After Collecting each shard, craft them together to create the Master’s Seal.

We will now craft a new trap that will be used for the next level: Pinnacle Chamber, where the Master of the Dojo presides.


If you do not have the Ambush Blueprints yet, go to the Pinnacle Chamber and equip standard cheese and to get the blueprints from a Hapless mouse (you might have gotten lucky and caught an Assassin mouse or a Worker mouse that dropped the blueprints).Collect 65,000 gold and buy 8 Droid Parts from the Bazaar. While you’re there, also purchase 5 Ionized Salt. To craft the Ambush, you need to combine Ambush Trap Blueprints + Master’s Seal + 3 Rice Paper + 5 Splintered Wood + 8 Droid Parts.And Congratulations! The Ambush Trap is the first moderately powerful Tactical Trap you obtain.

But don’t celebrate too much. The hard part hasn’t even started yet.

Master of the Dojo Mouse

Hunting Down the Master of the Dojo:

Onyx Stone

Travel to the Dojo and craft as much Glutter, Susheese, and Combat cheese as you can. Return to the Meditation room and catch as many Master of the Cheese mice as you can. Craft Rumble Cheese using the method below and catch one Master of the Dojo Mouse, which drops an onyx stone, save the Onyx Stone. This is one of the harder mice to catch in the game so be patient if it takes awhile . After you catch the Mojo (as hunters like to call him) By now, you should be done with Grandmaster and you are done with Furoma! (For now…)

Note: If you fail to catch the Master of the Dojo the first time, try the process again. It takes time, but the Onyx Stone that it drops is absolutely necessary to complete a later part of the game. If you don’t do it now, you’ll have to do it later.

If you are still a Grandmaster after you finish Furoma and obtained the Onyx Stone, there is an Optional task for you!

Special Quest

Location: Pinnacle Chamber
Goals: Catch the Dojo Sensei

If you’re interested, please visit the Special Quests page.

NEXT: Legendary Rank >>>


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  1. BigB says :

    where can i see on mousehunt page tht i have got the tokens or not?

    • MastaPan says :

      Under Inventory, go to Crafting and switch to the Dojo tab. From there, you can see how many tokens you have collected so far. In fact, all craftable loot from Furoma will be grouped under the Dojo crafting tab.

    • MastaPan says :

      Also, BigB, we apologize for these late responses. We can respond quicker if you send questions/comments to our community email:, which is also listed under the “About” tab.

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