Congratulations! You have successfully leveled from Novice. You are now in the Recruit stage.

 The Recruit

Basic Overview: In this stage, you should farm enough gold to buy a new trap at the store in the Town of Gnawnia. It is still only the second level, and your main goal should just be to get enough points to level up to an Apprentice.

New Locations/Skills: You are able to go to the Town of Gnawnia and the King’s Arms.


Change in the Game: As you progress through Recruit, you will notice  having to wait more time to sound the horn. By the end of Recruit, you will be able to sound the horn every 15 minutes, and it will be so for the rest of the game.


Okay first off lets move to the Town of Gnawnia, the new location. You will find more breeds of mice here, and it is recommended that you stay here to hunt for the duration of the Recruit stage. By now, you should have a 500 Pound Crusher or better trap.

500 Pound Crusher

Your first goal is to farm enough gold with your 500 Pound Crusher to buy a better base and trap that will be used for a long duration of time. In this case, using Cheddar Cheese is the best option, since the cheaper price yields a higher profit. At this stage, there are plenty of mice that are easily attracted, and it is not entirely cost-effective to use a type of cheese with just a little better attraction that’s more than double the price of Cheddar, like Marble.

After a few hunts, you will have enough to buy the Wooden Base with Target. This base will increase attraction dramatically and has one of the highest attraction bonus. With this base, buying more expensive bait like Marble or Swiss becomes even more superfluous.

Wooden Base with Target

Arming the Wooden Base with Target with the 500 Pound Crusher is a pretty decent setup for now. Using the combination, save enough money for the Mouse Mary O’Nette, sold at the Town of Gnawnia trapsmith. This trap features 5 luck and 250 power, making it an excellent upgrade that you should proceed to buy.

Mouse Mary O'Nette

With the Mouse Mary O’Nette, it will be fairly easy to rack up gold and points, and that is what you should do for the rest of the Recruit stage.

NEXT: Apprentice Rank >>>


8 responses to “Recruit”

  1. Someone says :

    I disagree with buying the mary o nette for 6000 gold, because it only gives around 1.3% more catch rate compared to 500 pound spike crusher in TOG, get the trebuchet to hunt at windmill which increases catch rate by 7%.

  2. Kyf says :

    i have my trap setup like u said. getting a lot of misses and cheese going stale. cheese being used is marble. should i change it to cheeder?

    • MastaPan says :

      Don’t worry if you’re missing a lot of mice as a Recruit – it’s normal. Your goal should just be to keep hunting until you become an Apprentice. On another note, although marble is acceptable, we recommend you to switch to cheddar since 1) attraction rate is low anyways 2) if your cheese goes stale, you will lose less gold.

      Recruit is a short stage anyways, so just hope to be leveled up soon.

      Good luck!

      • Kyf says :

        thanks for replying before i have set it up with cheddar. on ur next rang i was reading u mentioned mouse mary trap or better. what is better after mouse mary trap?? i gone and bought stone base. sounded ok as it gave more power to mouse mary trap.

      • MastaPan says :

        Hmm, it may have been a bit early for stone base, because that sets your gold back. But now that you’ve bought it, use it to the full extent to be able to get more gold back. On your note about what’s “better” than the Mousee Mary O’nette, this can be Limited Edition (LE) traps or, for example, the Shrink Ray trap which can be bought for $1. Of course, if you are not a donor and just want to play the regular game as it is, the best trap you should have at the moment is Mary Mouse O’Nette, which should be upgraded to the Mouse Trebuchet in the Apprentice Level.

  3. Kyf says :

    well now i see u points about putting me back in gold. now i m taking your advice and staying put til next level

    • Kyf says :

      my patience and you guidance has paid off. i have become an apprentice (2%). gold = 16790, points= 23,435. i have looked at ur next level page and will travel to windmill and will buy Mouse Trebuchet. so next time i msg u it will be from the apprentice page. great help

      • MastaPan says :

        Hello Kyf,

        I am glad that our guide has been helpful to you and we hope you’ll continue to find success while playing Mousehunt. However, we’d like to ask you a favor to email all other questions and comments to, since these pages are for general use and we don’t want it filled up with too many specific comments. Nonetheless, your questions and comments have been very helpful to us and we’re delighted to know that hunters like you have received benefit from this guide.


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