Welcome to Mousehunt! Just follow Larry the Friendly Knight’s directions and you will be well off. The Novice

You may only hunt at the Meadow for now.

Basic Overview: It takes approximately 5 minutes to be promoted from Novice to Recruit. This is the first stage of the game and is the quickest, easiest and most linear.

Introduction and Technical Details:

For a basic overview of the items you should have now, visit Starting Out.

Also, if you need an overview with technical details, please visit our previous Introduction page.

Here, we will review some of the 3 most important things that apply to this stage of the game.

1. Trap Setup – As described in the Introduction, you will have a trap, a base, and some bait. You need a trap and some cheese to catch mice!

2. Hunter’s Horn – You click on the horn to “sound” it. It is essentially the “call” for all hunters to set their traps.

Hunter's Horn

3. Hunter’s Journal – All the mice you catch will be recorded in your Profile Journal.

Two Traps to Hunt With –

High Tension Spring Trap -This trap favors power over attraction – you catch more mice .

Tacky Glue Trap– This trap has quite a lot of attraction, one of the highest at this stage of the game. Thus, you will attract more mice with this trap.
One Base to Hunt With –
Wooden Base– This base has low power but has a Very Fresh Cheese Effect, countering the Stale Cheese Effect of the Tacky Glue Trap.

Basic Strategy:

First of all, it does not matter which trap you choose. The catch results are very much alike and there is not much difference between the two traps. Furthermore, you will be able to upgrade the trap you choose in a short time. Basically it’s just preference. Do you want a spring trap or a glue trap?

To begin with, we must catch the 5 Henchmen Mice that are introduced to us- White Mouse, Grey Mouse, Brown Mouse, Field Mouse, and Lightning Rod Mouse.

Then, the 3 minion Mice- Dwarf Mouse, Steel Mouse, Granite. After doing a bit of exploring and catching the 3 minion mice, you will have enough gold to buy the 500 Pound Spiked Crusher or Shrink Ray Trap( premium- $1), two significantly better traps.

The 500 Pound Spiked Crusher

These stronger traps will make catching the boss- Bionic Mouse, a much easier task.
The bionic mouse yields a good number of points, and as a result of catching it, you will be leveled up to Recruit.
Cheese Usage
At the beginning, it is strongly recommended you use Cheddar or Marble. Since there are no mice that are incredibly rare or hard to attract, these 2 basic cheeses should be enough. However, if you choose to use Swiss or Brie, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. These cheeses offer better attraction, but as your trap is not yet powerful enough, you may find yourself losing profit each hunt.
Note: Larry also gives you some Marble to start with, so do not worry if you are too poor to buy bait.
I would suggest you use Cheddar as your beginning bait, but switch to Marble as soon as you reach Apprentice.

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