Congratulations! You have reached the final level in the “Beginning Ranks”.

 The Journeyman

Basic Overview:

As a Journeyman, two new routes of opened to you: the Calm Clearing and the Mountain.


The Swiss Army Mouse Trap will be a key trap, so be sure to have it already.

New Locations/Skills:

Map Expansion:

You may go to the Calm Clearing and the Mountain.


You may equip any charms you have collected from mice.

The items in the Daily Loyalty Chest improve.

You now have 3 Crafting Slots.


Swiss is the main type of cheese you will be using, so go to the Meadow and buy Swiss.

Now there are two routes: One to the Mountain, and one to the Calm Clearing of Whisker Woods. You can complete the following goals in either order.

1) Go to the Mountain with your Swiss Army Trap and catch a Ninja Mouse which will drop a Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece. This is absolutely necessary to continue the game, so don’t stop until you catch one that drops it.

You will notice in the Mountain there is a Charm Shoppe. To use the charms you have collected, you must purchase the Charms Conduit (3000 gold). The actual charms offered at the shop are way too expensive, so don’t buy them. But of course, you can test out some of the simple charms you already have.

2) Next, go to the Calm Clearing in the Whisker Woods. [You should have gotten the map piece from the Granite Mouse in the Harbour.] Here, as you can see, contains a whole new set of species in an entirely different environment. Your target mouse is the Cyclops Mouse, which drops the Great Gnarled Tree Map Piece.

Cyclops Mouse

Another goal is to catch the Treant Mouse, because it  drops Splintered Wood. Collect 4 of these. Once you have them, you are able to craft a new base called the Dehydration Base, as mentioned earlier in Initiate. Now you can finally craft it.

Swiss Army Mouse Trap with Dehydration Base - NOTE: Use Swiss instead of Brie (above)

Recipe: 1 Dehydration Base Blueprints   213 Salt   4 Splintered Wood

With three slots open for crafting, it is a perfect fit. The Dehydration Base is the better alternative to the Explosive Base. Although with less power, the luck and freshness of base overwhelms such loss, with improvements in catching stronger mice and preserving cheese freshness.

The Swiss Army + Dehydration Base is a very strong combination that will be used for the rest of the Journeyman stage.

NOTE:  Going to the Calm Clearing first and then the Mountain will work just as fine.

Traps to Avoid: You may notice the NVMRC and Deathbot traps sold at the Town Of Gnawnia. These are quite powerful traps, but they are not worth the price nor the difficulties you will face with them later in the game. Eventually, you will be introduced to a new type of mice called “Tactical” mice, wherefore “Physical” traps will not be very effective. If you do not have more than 400k at this point, do NOT buy these traps. Instead, save the money for “Tactical” traps that will be very effective against the upcoming mice you will face.

Of course, for hunters that are Donators or are somehow extremely rich and just simply want a trap to the collection, the NVMRC is preferred at this stage over the Deathbot. But if you are an average game player, save the money for later investment. The Swiss Army is strong enough for now.

Also, you may have collected something called a Cherry Potion. These can be used to catch the Cherry Mouse, which offers a decent gold reward. Of course, this is just an interesting addition to the game that is entirely optional.

In the end, after all of the above has been accomplished, it is up to you to decide where to hunt (Mountain or Calm Clearing) for the rest of Journeyman. Collect gold and points until you reach Master, the first intermediate stage.

NEXT: Master Rank >>>


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