Good Job, for you have reached the rank of Initiate.

 The Initiate

Basic Overview: Head to the Harbour, farm gold and upgrade your trap.

Changes in the game: Mice can now “steal” your cheese, gold and points by crippling your courage if you fail to catch them (this only applies to some areas). But don’t worry, this won’t be too much of a problem in this stage of the game with a decent trap like the Mouse Trebuchet.

New Locations/Skills:

Map Expansion

As an initiate, you can go to the Harbour and King’s Gauntlet.



As an Initiate, you can now craft items. Crafting is a very useful skill and will become essential as you go up the ranks, where it will be needed for cheese and traps. For now though, the only thing you can craft is White Cheddar.

The recipe for 1 piece of White Cheddar is 1 Curds and Whey (12 gold each) + 1 Salt (6 gold each). These can be bought at the General Store in the Harbour.

White Cheddar

Although White Cheddar has a pretty low attraction rate, it has the special feature to drive away Grey Mouse, Brown Mouse, and White Mouse. This allows you to attract more profitable mice.

Because of its low attraction rate, White Cheddar goes stale very often, even with a fresh base. As a result, it enables you to store Stale Cheese, a new topic of interest introduced. Stale Cheese is not very useful right now, but can be used later for a variety of things.

Okay, onto the actual hunting.


Your goal is to upgrade your trap to a much stronger trap called the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, which you will use for a time longer than any of the previous traps. It is the strongest trap you can buy in the beginning ranks.

In order to do so, first arm your Mouse Trebuchet, Wooden Target Base and Marble cheese and head to the Harbour.  The reasoning is in the harbor, there is a new mouse breed called the Pirate Mouse, who drops a decent amount of gold.

When or if you have enough money buy the Swiss Army Mouse Trap (Town of Gnawnia). It will significantly increase your catch rate and will be used for quite a long time. For now, arm this with the Wooden Base with Target for the strongest setup you will have yet.

Swiss Army Mouse Trap

If you do a little exploring, you will see there is the Explosive Base for sale. If you think you have a surplus of gold now (I’d say about 50k remaining AFTER buying the Swiss Army), then you can buy it.

With a strong trap and a strong base, you should now buy Swiss Cheese. Although expensive, the very profitable mice

Swiss Cheese

and strong setup will not only make up for the cost, but boost your attraction rate and gold earnings.

Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece

Then, return to the Harbour and remain there for the rest of the Initiate stage. After a while, you should encounter the Granite Mouse. Catch one that drops the Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece, an essential map extension.

NOTE: This is the first time a mouse is dropping rare loot item, rather than gold and points, or simple orbs and cheese. Throughout the game there will be many mice that d

rop other special loot items. But, not all mice that carry loot drop it, so  it may take a few tries for the Granite Mouse to drop the map piece.

When you near completion of this stage, go to the Harbour General Store and pick up 1 Dehydration Base Blueprints and 213 Salt. This will be used later to craft a new base called the Dehydration Base. If you don’t have enough gold, don’t worry, because you can still come back later and get it.

NEXT: Journeyman Rank >>>


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