Good job! You are now an Apprentice!

 The Apprentice

Basic Overview: Farm gold to buy a better trap, and switch to Marble cheese as more profitable and less attractive mice are introduced.

New Locations/Skills:

Now, you can travel to the Windmill and catch new mice.

Send and receive supplies from friends.

Loyalty Chest’s contents improved.


By now, you should have:

  • Mouse Mary O’Nette or better
  • Marble Cheese
  • Wooden Base with Target

Marble Cheese

Now is the time to go to the Windmill, where you will be able to catch new mice, you should also start saving for a Mouse Trebuchet or Mouse Rocketine.

The Mouse Trebuchet, although less powerful than the Mouse Rocketine, has more luck and higher attraction rate plus it is cheaper.

Mouse Rocketine

The Mouse Rocketine, of course is also applealing because of its added power and power bonus. Of course, it costs around 3,000 more gold, so it may not be worth the price. In the end, you should have at least 500 gold leftover after buying either trap. In our case though, we will not make any exaggerated assumptions and thus will proceed with the Mouse Trebuchet.

Mouse Trebuchet

Arming your Mouse Trebuchet and Wooden Base with Target will give you a 24% attraction bonus, so you should not experience many fail to attracts and your cheese should not go stale often.

Flawed Orb

While you are hunting at the Windmill, you will occasionally find that a Spud or Scruffy Mouse will drop a Flawed Orb. These orbs can be sold on the Marketplace once you reach Initiate.

Keep on hunting at the Windmill and start saving gold since you will need it for you next rank, Initiate.

NEXT: Initiate Rank >>>


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