Congratulations! You are in one of the final stages of the game, and can proudly call yourself an advanced hunter!

 The Lord/Lady

Basic Overview: You will be introduced to a very new type of gameplay, and this rank will require lots and lots of gold.

New Locations/Skills:

You may travel to the Seasonal Garden, Zugzwang’s Tower, and the Crystal Library.

Loyalty Chest contents improved (for the last time).



Seasonal Garden

Here at the Seasonal Garden, you should notice something very catchy near the top of the screen. That is your tower amplifier. Your amplifier will increase or drop according to how you fare in the Seasonal Garden, but I will go into detail later.

The first thing you should check upon entering the Seasonal Garden is what season it is. This can be found to the left of the tower amplifier.

There are 4 trap types that are used in the Seasonal Garden:

Spring: Physical
Summer: Tactical
Fall: Shadow
Winter: Hydro

Change your trap accordingly to the season. The seasons change every 80 hours.

Note: In the Seasonal Garden, Tactical traps can be used for all seasons, though not as effectively as the season’s specific trap type.

There are special mice in each season that drops a key shard. Here are the list of mice that drop each corresponding key shard (in correspondence to the season):

Tower Key

Vinetail: Spring Key Shard
Summer Mage: Summer Key Shard
Harvester: Fall Key Shard
Winter Mage: Winter Key Shard

Generally, the mice are worth more gold points from Spring through Winter. i.e. The mice in Winter are worth more gold and points than the mice in Summer. As is expected, they are also harder to catch in Winter.

Generally, however, the hardest season in the Seasonal Garden is Fall. Due to low power of shadow traps, it is not advised to keep hunting in the Fall after you have obtained the Fall Key Shard.

After you have obtained all 4 key shards, you can craft them to obtain a Zugzwang’s Tower Key. This is where the tower amplifier becomes essential.

In Zugzwang’s Tower, the tower amplifier is incredibly vital. You charge up your amplifier in the seasonal garden. Here is a list of the mice that increase your amplifier, and by how many percent each mouse increases.

Derpicorn: 1%
Hydrophobe: 1%
Tanglefoot: 2%
Puddlemancer: 3%
Vinetail: 5%
Spring Familiar:6%
Hot Head: 1%
Monarch: 1%
Firefly: 2%
Stinger: 4%
Firebreather: 4%
Summer Mage: 5%
Whirleygig: 1%
Scarecrow: 1%
Pumpkin Head: 1%
Harvest Harrier: 3%
Harvester: 5%
Fall Familiar: 6%
Over-Prepared: 1%
Penguin: 1%
Icicle: 3%
Frostbite: 4%
Bruticle: 4%
Winter Mage: 5%

Don’t worry about missing the mice; that won’t decrease your Tower Amplifier. However, failing to attract a mouse will decrease your Tower Amplifier by 3%. Due to this fact, hunters may vie to use Super|Brie+. Other cheese options would include Gouda or Brie (Brie is not recommended due to its much lowered attraction rate). Also, Super|Brie+ is the only known means of attracting a Spring Familiar and Fall Familiar mouse.


Zugzwang’s Tower

After you have crafted the Zugzwang’s Tower Key, DO NOT GO INTO THE ZUGZWANG’S TOWER JUST YET. First, check out the trapsmith in the Seasonal Garden. The first thing you will probably notice is that there are two extremely weak tactical traps here; the

Technic Pawn Pincher

Mystic Pawn Pincher

Technic Pawn Pincher and the Mystic Pawn Pincher. However, as weak as they may seem, they prove very useful in Zugzwang’s Tower. The “Technic” and “Mystic” are the two teams in the Zugzwang’s Tower; much like a real game of chess. The Technic Pawn Pincher is more effective against the Technic Pawns than the Mystic Pawns, and vice versa. In fact, the whole of Zugzwang’s Tower is based off of the game Chess. Here’s how it works…

In Zugzwang’s Tower, your goal is to ultimately get to the king. As you know, there are two teams. As both teams are equal (technic awards more gold, mystic awards more points), you can purchase either pawn pincher. Now, in the Tower, each mouse decreases your amplifier by a certain amount. If you are familiar with chess, these numbers should look familiar:

Pawn: 1%
Knight: 3%
Bishop: 3%
Rook: 5%
Queen: 9%
King: Automatically transports you back to the Seasonal Garden, unless you have armed Checkmate Cheese (do not worry about this for the time being)

Just like in chess, catching 8 pawns will bring out the Knights. Catching 2 Knights will bring out the Bishops, catching 2 Bishops brings out the Rooks, catching 2 Rooks brings out the Queen, and catching a Queen brings out the King.

Now, here’s a good question: What does the Tower Amplifier actually do?

Well, the Tower Amplifier multiplies your actual trap setup power by the Amplifier percentage. For example, if your trap setup had 1000 power, and you had an Amplifier of 150% (the maximum amount for a Lord/Lady), then your trap setup power in the Tower will be 1500. However, the Tower Amplifier only comes into effect once you are in the Tower. Also, your Amplifier does not increase your Luck, but it does decrease your Luck once your Amplifier drops below 100%.

And, as always, failing to attract a mouse decreases the amplifier by 3%.

When you go into Zugzwang’s Tower, at the top on your amplifier bar there are two rows of chess pieces. The ones with a blue circle next to it represents the Mystic Team. The row of chess pieces with a yellowish gear next to it represents the Technic  Team.


Do not go into the tower without having a fully charged amplifier. Also, be sure that once you go into the tower, you will have time to catch 8 pawns before leaving to go elsewhere. Finally, leaving the tower before catching the king or before reaching 0% will reset your amplifier back to 0%.

All right, now that you are in the Tower, arm Wooden Base with Target with your Pawn Pincher, and you may choose to either use Super|Brie+ or Gouda. It is highly recommended you don’t use Brie. Also, make sure that you have at least 300 cheese before entering the tower.

Now, you should wait until you have caught all 8 pawns. This should be displayed right under your tower amplifier. After you have caught all 8 pawns, switch immediately to Horrific Venus Mouse Trap, or your best Tactical trap. Now, you are done! Your job is now to wait until you have caught the king, or lost all your amplifier before catching the king. Stay in the tower until your amplifier drops to about 15-20%.

After you have caught a King, you should have enough points to craft Zugzwang’s First Move. This will be a much better improvement than the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap. The crafting recipe for this trap is:

1 Chess Pieces (Formed by smashing a Zugzwang’s Last Move)+1 Magic Feather (Found in Dragon’s Chest)+1 Zugzwang’s First Move Blueprints (Sold in the Seasonal Garden General Store)

Magic Feather

And there you have it, one of the last Tactical type traps in the game!

Now, repeat the same steps for the other, after purchasing the other Pawn Pincher.


Catching the Silth

After you have caught both Kings, you must catch a Silth Mouse in the Lagoon using Wicked Gnarly Cheese.

First, be sure that you have at least 300 Gnarled Cheese, or enough potions to convert into 300 Gnarled Cheese. If not, hunt in the Great Gnarled Tree with Brie and Zugzwang’s First Move until you obtain an ample amount of Gnarled.

Wicked Gnarly Potions

Afterwards, switch your bait to Gnarled Cheese and keep using the same trap setup. Keep hunting in the Great Gnarled Tree. You should notice that you are attracting a different breed of mouse this time: the Curious Chemist Mouse. Curious Chemist Mice drop Wicked Gnarly Potions, which can be used to obtain Wicked Gnarly Cheese. Wicked Gnarly is useful in attracting the Silth Mouse, as it is the only cheese capable of attracting it.

The Silth Mouse can only be caught in the Lagoon.

Silth Mouse

Trap Setup:

You should arm either Ancient Spear Gun+Most Powerful Base, or Zugzwang’s First Move+Luckiest Base. Either one will work.

The Silth Mouse is one of the hardest mice to attract in the game, and even if you do manage to attract him, it will still take a few tries to catch him. Be patient, as catching this mouse will take quite a while! However, your efforts will soon pay off, as this is one of the requirements for going to the Fiery Warpath.

Sandtail Call to Arms

After you have caught a Silth, hunt in the Seasonal Garden for the next map piece: a Sandtail Call to Arms. Here are a list of mice who drop this:

Spring: Puddlemancer (Small Chance), Spring Familiar (Large Chance)
Summer: Firebreather
Fall: Harvest Harrier (Small Chance), Fall Familiar (Large Chance)
Winter: Bruticle


Crystal Library

In the Zugzwang Tower, the Knight, Bishop,Rook, or Queen may have dropped something called a Crystal Library Card. This allows you to travel to the Crystal Library and experience a new type of gameplay: Library Assignments.

There are many different library assignments you can choose from. The list is too long for me to put here, so I will give you the link:



Back to Zugzwang’s Tower

Now, you are pretty much done with Lord/Lady. However, there is still one mouse you haven’t yet caught: the Chess Master.

The Chess Master can only be attracted with the rare Checkmate Cheese, and only if you use Checkmate Cheese to catch the Technic/Mystic King. Here is the formula:

Checkmate Cheese

1 Technic Cheese Mould+1 Mystic Curd+12 Ionized Salt. This gets you 3 Checkmate Cheese.

However, as Technic Cheese Moulds and Mystic Curds are hard to obtain (loot drop from Mystic/Technic King), it is recommended you add in 6 Magic Essence into this formula. This results in 9 Checkmate.

Now, before you go into Zugzwang’s Tower, you should check out the Seasonal Garden General Store. Here, there are two trap blueprints: the Obvious Ambush Trap Blueprints and the Blackstone Pass Trap Blueprints. These are two traps that are effective againts the Technic and Mystic mice, respectively. While these traps are quite expensive (1,100,000 gold for the blueprints), they are very useful in Zugzwang’s Tower, especially if you hope to catch the Chess Master.

First, check in your crafting page to see if you have either the Droid Jetpack or Mystic Crystal, or both. The better option would be to craft the Obvious Ambush, but if you only have Mystic Crystal, craft the Blackstone Pass. If you have neither, then keep catching Mystic/Technic Kings.

The recipes for the traps are:

Blackstone Pass

Obvious Ambush Trap: 1 Obvious Ambush Trap Blueprints+1 Droid Jetpack+1 Droid Parts
Blackstone Pass Trap: 1 Blackstone Pass Trap Blueprints+1 Mystic Crystal+4 Coal

Obvious Ambush

After you obtain one of these traps, go to Zugzwang’s Tower! First, arm the pawn pincher, since they are more effective against the pawns than the new traps are. However, after you have caught the pawns, you should change to the respective trap, and keep hunting. Once you have caught the Queen, switch your bait immediately to Checkmate.

Now, once you catch the king, you will not be transported back to the Seasonal Garden. Rather, all the mice in the tower will retreat, except the Rooks, who remain to guard the Chess Master. Switch your trap once again, to Zugzwang’s First Move, and perhaps you can use some luck or power charms if you wish.

Catching the Chess Master will make it drop the Master Bindings.

Chess Master

Did you realize that the Kings dropped the Torn Technic/Mystic Pages? Well, those are used in the crafting of the Spellbook Base, one of the highest power base in the game! The crafting recipe is as follows:

1 Master Bindings+3 Torn Technic Page+3 Torn Mystic Page+1 Spellbook Base Blueprints+6 Tiny Platinum Bars.

Spellbook Base

The Spellbook Base Blueprints can be purchased in the Seasonal Garden General Store for 936,000 gold.

Once you have done this, you have obtained a Sandtail Call to Arms, and are officially done with Lord/Lady! You should either try one of our Special Quests [Coming Soon] or just do whatever you feel like until you reach Baron, whereupon you should check out our… Baron Page!

NEXT: Baron/Baroness Rank >>>


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