Basic Overview: Baron/Baroness is the last rank that unlocks new locations. Go to the Fiery Warpath and defeat the waves of mice that come at you.

 The Baron/Baroness [First Edition]

New Locations/Skills:

You may now go to the Fiery Warpath and the Muridae Market.


This rank’s guide will be broken up and more focused on specific locations.


Fiery Warpath

The Fiery Warpath is one of the most complicated areas you will be encountering. I would recommend having 2 million gold before entering and a physical trap at minimum as good as Rhinobot and also Aqua Base and up. For tips on earning gold, click here.

Travel to the Fiery Warpath General Store. Buy around 200 ionized salt, then go to the charm shop and buy 30 of each of the normal Warpath Charms (the ones that does not require magic essence and there’s 3 types:Warrior, Archer, Scout).   Now equip your charms with your best physical trap and luckiest base.

Mechanics and Goals

On the top of your Journal, you will see something like Wave 1 and 35 of Desert Soldier, Vanguard and Desert Archer left. There are 4 waves and your goal is to capture all the mice in each wave.

Here are some more important mechanics to take note of:

  • If you catch a multiple of 3 of the same mice you can retreat a certain amount of those mice. That is why using these charms are important, as they target and help attract specific mice.  But be aware: failing to catch and attract will break your streak. This is why many people use SB+ here, but I believe SB+ is only a luxury and Gouda will suffice. Also once your streak reaches 7, a new mouse breed will be released-the Gargantuamouse. The only trap capable of capturing it is the Ice Maiden, but the problem is that the Ice Maiden is ineffective against all other mice. Thus, it takes a bit of guesswork to figure when it will appear, but the higher the streak the higher the chances to attract him.
  • To catch the Gargantuamouse an optimal strategy is to equip Commander Charm at streak 7 and Ice Maiden. This way you should either catch a Gargantuamouse or a Crimson Commander. Another way is to use the super charm of the type you are going after until you get an 8 streak. At this point, you should definitely use Ice Maiden and Commander Charm. Anyhow, expect numerous attempts before you catch this monster.
  • Lastly there are 2 more mice to be aware of: the Caravan Guard and the Crimson Commander. If you catch a Caravan Guard, nothing happens. If you miss, every mice in the wave that have not being defeated will be reinforced by one. If you are fortunate to have enough friends in that area, the Caravan Guard will not reinforce the wave.  The second mouse is the Crimson Commander. If you catch this mouse, all types of mice in that wave will retreat an equal number to your current streak. A way to attract the Crimson Commander is to use a Commander Charm, which is obtained from defeating a wave in waves 1-3.

    Crimson Commander

After defeating the first wave, you will progress to the second wave. In wave 2, there are two new mouse types: Cavalry and Mage. You will have to craft the Warpath Charms for those mice using the loot they drop, Desert Horseshoe and Heatproof Mage Cloth respectively.

Recipe is: 1 loot+1 Ionized Salt+1 Simple Orb+2 Charmbit (if you want to craft the super version, switch the Ionized Salt to 1 Magic Essence)

When you move to defeat wave 2, you will progress to wave 3. In this wave there is a new mouse type: Artillery. Unfortunately there is no charm that increases attraction for this mice.

Theurgy Warden

Finally when you reach wave 4, there is the 12 Theurgy Warden and the boss itself, the Warmonger. (These mice will rob your cheese horribly) Note: Although you can attract Warmongers before you catch the Theurgy Warden, you only have a chance of capturing them when you catch all 12 Theurgy Warden.


Specific Details:

The support mice, Crimson Commander and Caravan Guard, can be encountered during waves 1-3. In addition to that, in Waves 1-3 when your streak is 7 or higher, you will increase your chance of attracting a Gargantuamouse.

Wave 1:

In wave 1 there are 35 Desert Soldier mice, 35 Vanguard mice, and 35 Desert Archer mice you have to defeat, the support mice gets defeated when you have less than 10 mice remaining in the wave.


Here interestingly, the Chrome Deathbot outperforms Monstrobot on this wave, which is also the easiest to streak and catch the Gargantuamouse. Commanders Charms are not worth it on this wave, but if you are active you should disarm the charm you are using after your streak is broken to save charms. Near the end, try to leave 6 of each mouse type left and go on to another type. This is because when you catch a Crimson Commander, these mice will be taken out to save hunts.

Wave 2:

In wave 2 there are 40 Flame Warrior mice, 40 Sentinel mice, 40 Flame Archer mice, 45 Sand Cavalry mice, and 20 Inferno Mage mice you have to defeat, the support mice gets defeated when you have less than 18 mice remaining in the wave.

Strategy is almost the same, but if you can use Mage Charms(you don’t have to since its better using it in wave 3) and defeat the mages(If your Hydro trap is >Double Diamond Adventure use a physical trap) after you defeat all of the physical mice, then catch the cavalry using  without charms. This way you will save ~30 charms.

Wave 3:

In wave 3 there are 50 Crimson Titan mice, 50 Crimson Watch mice, 50 Crimson Ranger mice, 60 Sandwing Cavalry mice, 30 Magmarage mice, and 20 Flame Ordnance mice you have to defeat. The support mice get defeated when you have less than 26 or less of each mouse in the wave.

This time I recommend you leave about 10 of each physical mice behind, then equip cavalry charms and a tactical trap. Every time you get a 6 streak, equip your Commander Charm(Super if you have them). This way will be very  efficient, and you can also alternate between mage and cavalry. At the end, take out the artillery.


Wave 4:

In wave 4 there are 12 Theurgy Wardens and the Warmonger.

Use your Spellbook Base and strongest physical trap. Use Gouda for the wave, and Monger Charms on Warmonger if you can.


After you catch the Warmonger, you will have completed your first Warpath Run. Now lets examine what the Warmonger dropped – perhaps some loot to craft new traps. You will most likely get an Oasis Bead, but if you got 1 Sandblasted Metal or a Sphinx Crystal, you are a lucky person! (We’ll explain why below.)

The Loot:

Oasis Bead is required to craft the Oasis Water Node Trap(Hydro Power)- The Best Hydro Trap. Description can be found here.

Sphinx Crystal is required to craft the Sphinx Wrath(Tactical Power)- Essential item to the best tactical trap in the game that will bring you lots of profit from Furoma runs.

2 Sandblasted Metal is required to craft the Sandstorm Monstrobot- The highly overpowered, ultimate physical trap. The chances that a Warmonger drops a Sandblasted Metal is less than 6%. Consider yourself extremely lucky to collect one on the first run-through, otherwise, you’ll be practicing patience until you get them.

After one Warpath run you should move to the Muridae Market.

Other Helpful Fiery Warpath Links:

Quick Summary of each wave
Catch Rate statistics
Warpath Run Predictor


Muridae Market 

This area also offers something other than just the ordinary catch mice locations earlier in the game.  In the Muridae Market, you are to rebuild the shops here using loot from the mice. Of course if you want speed, then use Gouda, but if you want a profit Brie is the way to go. Also, if you want to catch the rare Desert Architect, use SB+.

Here, different mice drop different building material in different amounts:

Glass Blower-Shard of Glass

Limestone Miner-Limestone Brick

Lumberjack- Coconut Timber

Desert Architect- Coconut Timber,Limestone Brick,or Shard of Glass

Blacksmith- Papyrus

Mage Weaver- Papyrus

These materials are needed to rebuild each shop

Shop Requirements Reward

Cheese Shoppe  requires 30 Limestone Brick  to rebuild and 30 SB+ is the reward for completing it.

General Store requires 60 Limestone Brick and 40 Coconut Timber to rebuild and 6 Coconut Timber and 4 Shards of Glass are the rewards.

Trapsmith requires 70 Limestone Brick, 120 Coconut Timber and 60 Molten Glass to rebuild and 30 Flameshards is the award for completing it.

Charm Shoppe requires 160 Limestone Brick, 100 Coconut Timber and 120 Molten Glass to rebuild and 30 Artisan Charms and 10 Lucky Power Charms are the rewards.

Cartographer requires 30 Limestone Brick, 20 Coconut Timber,  25 Papyrus to rebuild and 100,000 Gold is the reward for completing it.

First off, lets build the Cheese Shoppe – the simplest. The task rewards you with 30 SB+, and a newly crafted Cheese Shoppe that has standard prices, less expensive than the cheese at the Fiery Warpath Cheese Shoppe. Afterwards, I recommend building the general store. The general store allows you to convert 3 Limestone Brick into 1 Coconut Timber, 3 Coconut Timber for 1 Shard of Glass, and 1 Shard of Glass and 1 Flame Shard for 1 Molten Glass, all for a fee.

Next, you can choose from the Trapsmith or the Charm Shoppe. I would go with the Charm Shoppe since there is nothing you can buy right now at the Trapsmith. After building the Charm Shoppe, you will have access to Artisan Charms. These charms allow attraction of Blacksmith and Mage Weaver mice and generally increase attraction for all loot dropping mice.

Living Garden Key

Lastly, build the Cartographer and the Trapsmith locations. Don’t forget to buy the Living Garden Key( Area not available yet).

Charm shoppe: We will now look into the items in the Charm shoppe.

Artisan Charms- They are required to attract the Blacksmith and Mage Weaver Mouse, but each charm costs 1 of each building material(excluding papyrus) and 350 gold. Outside of Muridae Market this charm has little to no use since it provides a meager power increase and attraction bonus.

Lucky Power Charm and Super Power Charm- These charms are not worth it. The increase in catch rate is not worth the price needed to obtain them.

Super Luck Charm- Results have shown that using a Luck Charm in a Furoma Run is more profitable than using the Super Luck Charm. In desperate situations where catching a mouse is more important than profit, there may be an acceptable excuse (ie, tournaments etc).

Super Warpath Commander Charm

Super Warpath Commander Charm- Always convert your standard charm, for this costs only 3 flameshards and it increases the catch rate and attraction rate of the Crimson Commander. Note: This charms automatically disarms itself after each hunt.

Flamebane Charm- For the costly price of 12 Flameshards, this charm is not worth it since it does not help your streak. Instead, it provides a power bonus against the mice in Fiery Warpath.

Monger Charm

Monger Charm- This has not been shown to increase the drop rate of trap parts from the Warmonger Mouse, but you can use it to increase the drop rate for other items such as charms.


Papyrus Base:

With 400 power and 10 luck puts this base almost alongside the Golden Tournament Base as the best non-limited edition base. Unfortunately it takes a while to gather 98 Papyrus. For complete statistics, click here.

Papyrus base

Dimensional Chest Trap:

The Dimensional Chest Trap is a tactical trap that boasts 5200 power and 21 luck. Sadly though, it is necessarily beneficial if you have one of those limited edition tactical traps (generally ones with 25 luck or higher). But if not, view it as an intermediary to the ultimate Sphynx Wrath.

Sandtail Sentinel:

You need two Warpath wins to get the Sandtail Sentinel. This trap has  6800 power and 25 luck, making it the second best non-LE trap.  Of course, getting it or not depends on your first 3 warpath runs (whether you’ve obtained either 1 of the above loot such as Sphynx Crystal or Sandblasted Metal.


Revisiting the Fiery Warpath

After your first Warpath run, the loot you get will affect you enormously.

If you get Sphinx Crystal-you should craft Sphinx Wrath- where you can use the Sphinx Wrath to do a Furoma Cycle with 500-600 maki which will reap in profit, giving enough to buy 1 Sandblasted Metal.

If you get a  Sandblasted Metal, keep it and wait until after you finish your 3rd run.

If you get Oasis Bead-keep it! It will be used for Oasis Water Node so you can later craft Phantasmic Oasis!

Now do your second run. There is a high chance of you not receiving any loot at all – 6% chance of the Warmonger dropping any of the above loot.

If you get Sphinx Crystal-use it to craft your new trap, and do NOT sell it unless this is your second crystal.

If you get Oasis Bead, keep it for another run.

If you get a Sandblasted Metal, keep it. If you have more than 3 at this point, consider selling 1 on the marketplace for around 11 million gold, or if you’re a nice person, give one to your friends who need it ;).

If you get nothing, do another run.

Third run: After this run, you will have to make an important decision on whether to go to Furoma to get enough gold for the traps or stay at Warpath and test your luck.

Route 1: Stay at the Warpath

The above suggestions apply to Sphyinx Crystal and Oasis Bead.

Now, onto Sandblasted Metal: If you have two at this moment, craft the Sandstorm Monstrobot. If you have 1, go to Furoma to get enough gold and perhaps buy another one from the marketplace.

If you were really unlucky, have no Sandblasted Metal and got nothing, you should get the Sandtail Sentinel in the Muridae Market.

Sandblasted Metal Strategy:

I see many people take months before getting Sandstorm Monstrobot by just doing Fiery Warpath. Do a bit of both, but remember your goal is to get Sandstorm Monstrobot and your first priority is to get the Sphinx Wrath for gold farming in Furoma.


In the End…

You will probably not get the Sandstorm Monstrobot as a Baron so continue to hunt in the Fiery Warpath until you can.

Baron is a very, very long stage, and you might get tired hunting there all the time. If so, you can come back in a while to check out our Special Quests page which will be coming out soon.


4 responses to “Baron/Baroness”

  1. kris hunter says :

    nice ! .

  2. John says :

    Thanks a lot :). Some additional comments from my own experience (I am a Count now):
    – Always arm SB+ when you arm Ice Maiden or Commander Charm, you don’t want an FTA or a Caravan Guard at that point.
    – When you have finished several FW runs and get enough shards already, you may totally ignore GG, i.e, use SS or SMB when using Commander Charm for higher catch rate. What you probably want at that point is to finish each run quickly for the loot and you don’t want to waste your Commander Charm due to FTC.
    – It is not necessary to always swap to Ice Maiden or Commander Charm at streak 7. Since wave 1 and 2 are relatively easy, you can go to streak 9 for wave 1 and streak 8 for wave 2.
    – FW is best for active hunters. Without swapping charm and cheese correctly, your FW would be very slow. When you cannot online at some points, my recommendation is to go to the market. The travel cost is low and you still can get decent profit, points and progress.
    – Be patient. FW requires TONS of time and SB+.

  3. Shad Draney says :

    Thanks for helping out, great info .

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