The Gold Guide

Getting straight to the guide, we will start out with basic fundamental tips on saving gold.

Saving Gold:

  • Travel- Did you know, that you could save thousands of gold if you ask Larry the Friendly Knight to guide you to the Meadow?
  • In some cases, the same trap can cost different amounts of gold if you purchase it in different places. For example, the NVMRC Forcefield trap costs 256,000 gold at the Town of Gnawnia but  243,580 gold at the Town of Digby.
  • The same cheese can also cost different amounts of gold if you purchase it in different places. For example, Brie costs 200 gold at the Town of Gnawnia, 300 gold at the Great Gnarled Tree, and 400 gold at the Seasonal Garden.

Earning Gold:

Beginning Ranks

The beginner ranks: Novice,  Recruit,  Apprentice,  Initiate, and  Journeyman.

Trap Setup: The strongest physical trap you have + Wooden Base/Explosive Base

Cheese Setup: Marble/Swiss/Brie

Expected Profit Per Day (25 Hunts): 6,000 gold – 10,000 gold

Field Mouse


In these early ranks, to get the most amount of gold possible, you go to the highest ranked map/area in the Gnawnia region you have unlocked, until you reach Journeyman. The Harbor is the area you will earn the most profit at.

Meadow: When you start out as a Novice, you can catch the Field Mouse that yields 200 gold and potentially a satchel of gold containing 500 gold!

Harbour: At Initiate rank/Journeyman rank, you stay in the harbor rather than going to the Mountains area. The Harbour is definitely the place to be to earn profit in the beginning ranks.

The special thing about the Harbour is that you can choose to earn profit in 2 ways.

  1. Swiss Cheese
    : Using Swiss, you can better attract mice such as the Pirate Mouse, yielding a whopping amount of 2,750 gold.

    Pirate Mouse

    Burglar Mouse

  2. Brie Cheese
    : Although this cheese costs 100 gold more than Swiss Cheese, Brie allows you to attract the Burglar Mouse and still attract the Pirate Mouse. The Burglar Mouse yields 1,250 gold AND a chance to drop Flawless orbs! You can sell these on the Market Place for several thousand pieces of gold, or save and use them to craft charms for yourself later on. This option also gives you gilded cheese, which you will need if you ever want to go to “King’s Gauntlet” (information coming soon!).

Intermediate Ranks:

Congratulations for making it to the intermediate ranks! From now on, your profits will begin to soar.

The intermediate ranks are:  Master,  Grandmaster,  Legendary,  Hero

Traps and cheese are now more specialized to each area. From now, you will be using a diverse amount of traps and cheeses!

Areas: When you are ranks Master to Hero, you will most likely be hunting in the Burroughs Region.

Mousoleum: Master/Grandmaster

Trap Setup: Ambrosial/Sinister Portal + Dehydrated Base/Explosive Base

Cheese Setup: Radioactive Blue Cheese (Known as “RB” in Hunters’ Jargon)

Expected Profit Per Day (25 Hunts): 16,000 gold -20,000 gold

Mousoleum Mouse/Gold Chart

Mouse  Gold 
Bat 3,000
Black Widow 10
Ghost 3,590
Giant Snail 550
Grave Robber 1,200
Lycan 5,500
Monster 9,100
Mouse  Gold 
Mummy 3,750
Mutated Grey 500
Ravenous Zombie 5,400
Vampire 900
Mutated White 475
Vampire 5,500
Zombie 2,700

As you can see from the chart, courtesy of the Mousehunt Wiki, most of the Mice in the Mousoleum are worth more gold than the mice in the Harbour.

Let’s talk about how to get Radioactive Blue Cheese and the two portal traps.

RB Cheese (Radioactive Blue): To get this cheese, arm your strongest physical trap and head over the Laboratory which you unlock at Master.

                                      Mice in the Laboratory with potential to drop RB potions:

Steel, Granite, Monster, Bionic

When you have RB potions, click your potions tab in your inventory. You can convert Brie or SUPER l Brie+ cheese into RB cheese. Conversions are based on your rank and at Master, you will be able to convert 10 Brie cheese into RB.

Portal Traps: In the Mousoleum at Master rank, you will be hunting with the Sinister Portal Trap, or the Ambrosial Portal Trap. The Ambrosia Portal costs 140,000 gold, and the Sinister Portal costs 140,600 gold. Both traps require 182,000 points.

~Many hunters ask: “Which portal trap is better?”

The Ambrosial Portal has a slightly better attraction rate and fresher cheese effect, while the Sinister Portal has more power. You can choose whichever one you want depending on what stats you are looking for. Both traps will bring in great profit at Master/ Grand Master.

Arm your radioactive blue cheese and portal trap and get to hunting!

Catacombs: Legendary/Hero

Trap Setup: Arcane Rod of Never Yielding Mystery (ACRoNYM)+Dehydration Base / Obelisk of Slumber+Dehydration Base

Cheese Setup: Radioactive Blue Cheese (RB)

Expected Profit Per Day (25 Hunts): ACRoNYM: 38,225 gold – 70,000 gold

Obelisk Of Slumber: 18,125 gold – 32,000 gold

Welcome to the Catacombs area! You will notice that the profits compared to Mousoleum can be much greater, or around the same. In my book, there are two stages for getting gold in the Catacombs.

1)      Starting off in the Catacombs, you need to buy the Obelisk of Slumber arcane type trap costing 316,350 gold and requiring 1,696,240 points. Notice that this is an ARCANE type trap. You will be using this new type of trap to catch the mice in the Catacombs. This trap will give you around 18,125 gold – 32,000 gold profit in 25 hunts.

2)      Keep hunting for a bit until you get around 950,000 gold. Now you will be able to craft the Arcane Rod of Never Yielding Mystery (ACRoNYM) trap!

~Getting the materials: Mysterious Blueprints – Catacombs General Store

Obelisk Parts – Smash your obelisk trap through crafting

Onyx Stone – Loot from Master of the Dojo Mouse

Magic Essence x3 – Smash 3 Super l Brie+ Cheese

Scrap Metal x12 – Loot from Catacombs

The recipe for the ACRoNYM is: Mysterious Blueprints + Obelisk Parts + Onyx Stone + 3 Magic Essence + 12 Scrap Metal.


Craft the ACRoNYM, equip your Dehydration Base, equip your Radioactive Blue Cheese, and get to hunting. You will notice that your profit rises to 38,225 gold – 70,000 gold per 25 hunts! Not only will you be gaining a hefty profit in the Catacombs, you will also be looting more Scrap Metal for crafting the Molten Shrapnel Base and Coal for crafting the Blackstone Pass Trap.

Advanced Ranks and Beyond:

Well done for reaching this point in Mousehunt, are you ready to make even more gold?

The Advanced Ranks and Beyond are: Knight,  Lord/Lady,  Baron/Baroness

Count/Countess and even ranks/titles!

In these more advanced ranks, we will be revisiting some of the earlier maps/areas.


Areas: Derr Dunes, Nerg Plains, Furoma


Derr Dunes: Knight+

Trap Setup: Enraged Rhinobot/ Chrome Rhinobot + Molten Shrapnel Base/Tribal Base

Cheese Setup: Gouda Cheese

Expected Profit Per Day (25 Hunts): 62,000-96,000

Welcome to the Tribal Isles, at Cape Clawed, buy around 300-500 Gouda cheese or if you are planning to stay in Derr for a long time, buy up to 1000 Gouda.

FIRST, you need to craft the Rhinobot trap. Smash this trap and take the RhinoBot trap parts.

Recipe for making Enraged Rhinobot: Rhinobot Parts + 3 Rhino Horns + 48 Stale Super l Brie + 6 Tiny Platinum Bars

You can refer to the Mousehunt Wiki by Hitgrab to find out how to get each of the parts.

You will find that in Derr Dunes with Enraged RhinoBot and Molten Shrapnel or another combination of high power / luck will bring in on average 2,250 gold per hunt.

There is no need to collect potions to convert cheese to Gouda, so this method of making gold is fairly simple.

After collecting 30 Delicious stones, you can use this to create Crunchy Cheese using 10 Curds and Whey + 20 Coconut Milk + 30 Delicious Stones + 30 Salt, which can be used for hunting Guardian, Gladiator, and Derr Chieftain mice, 7,600-10,035 gold each, a nice little treat.

Nerg Plains

This is by far the easiest and “safest” place to make gold if you’re tired of those red boxes from Derr or other inconsistencies. Arming the Ambush or HVMT with Aqua will yield around a safe and steady 1,000 gold per hunt. Nerg Plains is for those who hate massive fluctuations between profit margins and would like a smooth, continuous way of earning gold.

Furoma “Cycle” – The MOJO Runs: Baron/Baroness+

Trap Setup: Sphynx Wrath + Molten Shrapnel Base

Cheese Setup: Brie/Rumble/Glutter/Susheese/Combat

This is one of the methods of getting gold at HIGHER ranks. Do not attempt this if you do not have a sufficient tactical type trap such as Rewers Riposte, Zugzwang’s First Move, or Sphynx.

I will be giving you a basic overview on this “Cycle” in Furoma.

Your goal is to reach the Pinnacle Chamber where the Master Of The Dojo lies. This mouse is worth 27,300 gold, a tremendous amount of gold for just one mouse.

The only problem is reaching the Pinnacle Chamber with enough Rumble Cheese to stay and farm (collect fees or profit) gold.

Start out using Brie in the Dojo. In the Dojo, using your tactical trap, you will be aiming to catch the Student of the Cheese Claw, Student of the Cheese Belt, and Student of the Cheese Fang. Each of these students will drop a specialized token, these tokens are the Token of the Cheese Belt, Token of the Cheese Fang, and Token of the Cheese Claw.

These Tokens will be the way you craft Susheese/Glutter/Combat cheese. Here are the recipes for all 3 of them.

~3 Combat: 5 Curds and Whey + 1 Paint-Brand Paint + 1 Splintered Wood + 3 Token of the Cheese Fang

~3 Susheese: 3 Curds and Whey + 1 Burroughs Salmon +  1 Nori + 3 Token of the Cheese Claw

~3 Glutter: 7 Curds and Whey + 1 Cheesy Fluffs + 1 invisi-glue + 3 Token of the Cheese Belt

You can buy some of the ingredients in the Burroughs.

Anyways, craft a decent amount of each of the cheeses. Head over to the Meditation Room, where the Master of the Cheese Fang, Master of the Cheese Belt, and the Master of the Cheese Claw await you. The Combat cheese attracts the Cheese Fang, the Glutter Attracts the Cheese Belt, and the Susheese attracts the Cheese Claw. These are tough mice to catch, so this part may take a while.

The 3 Master mice each drop corresponding shards, EX: Master Belt Shard. After you get a good amount of EACH shard, craft 3 rumble cheese.

~3 Rumble Cheese Recipe: 20 Curds and Whey + 1 Ionized Salt + Master Claw Shard + Master Belt Shard+ Master Fang Shard

Congratulations for persevering and making it to the FINAL stage of a “Furoma MOJO Run”.

Crafts many pieces of Rumble Cheese as you can and continue onward to the Pinnacle Chamber, where you will be earning your profit.

Arming your Rumble Cheese and your strong tactical trap, you will be able to catch the MOJO (Master of the Dojo) mouse. As I said before, the MOJO mouse is worth 27,300 gold.

This method may be one of the slowest, but will earn you a monumental profit.

Credit to MouseHunt Wiki for providing data numbers and Furoma for catch rate and gold estimates.


16 responses to “The Gold Guide”

  1. PaCh says :

    I like the guide, but there’s too much basic knowledge you can find in the regular guide. Take out the crafting parts. It’s too messy.

  2. Lol says :

    shouldn’t you use maki instead of brie

    • MastaPan says :

      No. The reason is that maki is way too expensive to make, and you will lose a lot of potential profit in exchange for a time advantage catching more students. Unless you are a donator or wishing to crown mice quicker, the best way to make gold is to use Brie.

      • Mehhlol says :

        Really? It’s controversial, since everyone been’s saying: “Brie takes way too long, use Maki.”

        This awesome Furoma calculator could help:

        Can’t use it myself as I don’t have the required Excel.

      • MastaPan says :

        It’s a bit unclear, largely due to the time factor, although we are working with the tool you provided and others to resolve the issue as to which is better to use. Generally, however, with the numbers we obtained from the tool, Brie yields a higher net profit (in the same amount of time) when the input price of Maki is 6000 gold. Do note that the price of Maki varies from time to time and the marketplace price is currently around 6300 gold. We are sticking with Brie as the best for gold, but will continue analyzing data for a finalized verdict shortly.

  3. Fu Hao Wei says :

    If he takes it out, then you can figure out it yourself?

    • PaCh says :

      If he was going to put them all in, they should actually mix them together. i thought this gold guide was for people who actually knew how to play the game already, and wanted to know more in detail.

  4. hey says :

    wouldn’t mountain be better than harbour because you can get a lot of simple orbs from gold and diamond mice that you can sell on the marketplace?

    • MastaPan says :

      That is a very good point. We looked for raw profits based on various setups while writing the guide, and not loot items that could be sold in the marketplace. But since you brought this point up, we will review it and perhaps include this path as an alternative in an updated version of this guide. Thanks for your suggestion.

  5. PaCh says :

    Could you please take out the crafting parts? This guide is supposed to be for people who know the basics but want to know where to hunt for gold…. Thank you, but its really messy at the moment. I can’t use it even if I want to….

    • MastaPan says :

      We will attempt to organize the chart data better, however our purpose of the crafting parts was for convenience and comparison. We strive to make this guide not only accessible to advanced players, but also ones who are either new to an area, new to crafting or need help with comparative analysis. Again, we appreciate your knowledge and suggestion, and will reorganize the data so that it is less messy, but as a compromise keep it so that others can use it.

      • PaCh says :

        Okay. I understand. I guess I was being selfish :/ Good job on the guide itself though. 😀

  6. lacheshirechat says :

    This guide is great! Thank you so much for all the work you have quite obviously put into it. 🙂
    (And the crafting stuff I already have in my Recipe Book? I can simply scroll down if I don’t need it/want to see it) 😉

  7. Owen says :

    There’s another way, which is to go to the Acolyte Realm, grab some Acolytes, use the rumble you get(not always) from the Mysterious Boxes and go. Also, you can use the rumble from poking those curds to go again.

  8. jackson says :

    I am a lord an i managed to complete the furoma cycle. I simply hunted for acolyte mice and the first acolyte dropped a mysterious box which gave me 60 rumble cheese. I used the cheese to hunt for master of dojos. After using all my rumbles, i used the onyx stones dropped by master of dojos to craft unstable curds. Some of the unstable curds gave me onyx gonzola which I used to hunt dojo senseis. I repeated the cycle with some of the onyx stones from the dojo senseis until had no more onyx gonzolas left. This method gained me around a million gold and i used no gold at all!

    The trap setup I used:
    Horrific venus flytrap (works better with better tactical traps)
    Tribal base

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