Year of the Dragon Festival

Year of the Dragon Festival!

This is a mini guide to the event:

Firecracker Charm

Remember those Firecracker Charms from the Great Winter Hunt? I hope you haven’t used them because you will need them. Use your standard cheese (if you want to save money use Swiss Cheese and equip Wooden Base with Target) and hunt there. The mice will drop Firecracker Charms(Note:Different Ranks will see different mice), equip the Firecracker Charm and you will attract some new mice. Some mice will drop the Nitropop Potions, convert the Nitropop Potions

Nitropop Charm

into charms and equip the Nitropop Charms to attract another bunch of new mice. After awhile you will catch the Costumed Rabbit Mouse, which will drop the Dragon Breath Potion. Again, use the Potion to get 1 Dragon Breath Charm. Arming the charm will attract 2 mice- the Costumed Dragon Mouse and the Red Envelope Mouse. If you attract the Red Envelope Mouse, then tough luck-you will have to get another Dragon Breath Charm. If you caught the Costumed Dragon Mouse, then congratulations for you.

Dragon Seal

The Costumed Dragon Mouse drops a Dragon Seal. If you visit the trapsmith, you can purchase a Dragonbreath Acronym Skin, but with the prerequisite that you have 250 Firecracker Charm and a Dragon Seal (The seal is a requirement, you don’t lose it if you buy the skin). This is it for the event now, good luck!

The Year of the Dragon Festival is a very useful spreadsheet that lists the mice loot and what types of cheese attract which mice.



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