Valentine’s Day (2012)

Love is in the air and the Valentine’s Day mice are here. This year there is a new addition to the usual Valentine’s mice-The Forever Alone Mouse!

This year, the event takes place in the

Forever Alone Mouse

– Town of Gnawnia
– Laboratory
– Calm Clearing
– The S.S. Huntington II
– Muridae Market

Your main goals for this event should really just be to catch the new event mouse and crown some of the others.


These tournaments take place in the areas mentioned above (well of course, or you wouldn’t catch any of the event mice).

Valentine’s Couple

This is a 2 player tournament and there are two tournaments that take place simultaneously at one time. This is done primarily to let all 4 members of the team hunt at once, but in pairs and not against each other.

Target Mice (20 pts each) : Romeo + Juliyes

Valentine’s Third Wheel

This is the standard 4 player tournament.

Target Mice (30 pts each) : Romeno

Valentine’s Solo

This is the first solo tournament and there are 5 different ones that start at the same time. Obviously the Forever Alone Mouse is worth the most points.

Target Mice (50 pts) : Forever Alone

Successful Strategies:

Use Valentine Charms + Cherry Cheese + High Attraction Base (Wooden Target, Cheesecake etc) in the Calm Clearing for best results. Arm your luckiest physical trap with the most attraction (preferably Chrome Tacky Glue or better to get competitive).

If you have no Cherry Cheese:

The same setup but with SB and head to the Muridae Market with all your team members in the same location.

Note: If on your camp page below your trap picture you find “Good With Wine” you know that type of cheese will not attract any mice. RB, Gnarled, Limelight….all that crazy stuff people have been trying will NEVER work. It’s good with wine.

Cherry (observed to be the best) or SB > Gouda > Brie

Other —–

Valentine Charms: A whopping 25% additional attraction to your trap setup! These are good in desperate situations when you simply need to attract that mouse!

Valentine Charm



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