Spring Egg Hunt (2012)

The Easter Egg Hunt approaches us once again! This time, the event has changed greatly from last year’s egg hunt (2011). For those who didn’t participate in last years event, we had to collect eggs spread all over the kingdom. This year we are going to “paint” the eggs.

Sinister Egg Painter

First, we will examine the technical aspects of this event.

Dark Chocolate Charm

There are two new mice with this event- The Sinister Egg Painter and the Eggscavator mouse.
The Eggscavator mouse serves as the “boss mouse” of this event. The Sinister Egg Painter can be caught if you equip the Dark Chocolate Charm and Marshmallow Monterey. The Dark Chocolate and Eggstra Charms (provided in the Chocolate Factory) attract arcane/shadow mice with a power boost, and grants 2 bonus eggs instead of one everytime you catch a bonus egg mouse, respectively. The Eggstra Charm is particularly useful when trying to loot bonus eggs from high valued mice like the Eclipse, which drops Ultimate Power and Luck charms.

Now, we will discuss in more detail how to proceed through this event.

Eggstra Charm

Your objective is to collect different colors of paint from the mice who stole them to paint your Easter eggs. There are 2 Egg Painter mice: the regular egg painter and sinister egg painter. They are both attracted to Marshmallow Monterey, so you will have to arm your standard cheeses (Swiss, Brie, Gouda, SB) to catch mice that drop the Marshmallow Monterey. Most mice will drop 1 Marshmallow Monterey, but the Coco Commander Mouse and the Eggsplosive Scientist Mouse drop 3 Marshmallow Monterey. With the Marshmallow Monterey equipped, you will attract egg painters pretty often, but not exactly at a 100% attraction rate. There will be shadow and arcane mice that disrupt your streaks now and then. The normal Egg Painter will drop 1 paint of any kind and the Sinster Egg Painter may drop up to 2 of any kind. Note that the Sinister Egg Painter is only attracted by Dark Chocolate Charms, and thus it is a good idea to use them at all times while proceeding through with Marshmallow Monterey.


Eggscavator Mouse

After you paint the 1st nine eggs(doesn’t have to be in order), you unlock paint for the golden egg. The Eggscavator Mouse and the Hare Razer mice (this year and last year’s boss mice, respectively) are unlocked after painting the golden egg. To catch these mice, use the current setup you’ve been using all the time and the they will be attracted shortly. The Eggscavator Mouse will drop the Eggscavator, a device will track all the bonus eggs (info below) and give clues on how to find them.

Traps to Use:

1. Arcane Powered Traps (Arcane Blast / Acronym / Nutcracker Nuisance) are the best because you will be dealing with Physical, Shadow, and Arcane mice. A trap with Arcane power can be used throughout the entire event while in the Chocolate Factory.

Hare Razer

2. Strong Physical/Tactical and Shadow Traps (ex: Enraged Rhinobot / Reaper’s Perch) are second on the list.

If you are low ranked with weak traps, this event will generally be harder for you due to the powerful shadow and arcane mice that will topple your traps. But in the end, if you persist well you will get through, just in a longer duration of time.

Additional Helpful Links:

List of Bonus Eggs (and their locations)
Bonus Eggs Scoreboard

Spring Tournament Strategy:

If you are new to this guide, please have a look at our General Strategy page for basic implementations of strategy for your team.

Onto the specifics:

To be successful in a high placement, you must have painted ALL of your eggs (releasing the two 25 point Eggscavator and Hare Razor).

Tournament Type: Standard

Basic Overview Strategy

Trap: Arcane Blast Trap OR Acronym
Cheese: Marshmallow Monterey
Charms: Dark Chocolate
Location: Chocolate Factory

Strategical Notes: All hunters must be in the Chocolate Factory to earn points. When there, arm the Arcane Blast Trap (preferably over the Acronym) with the highest attraction base that provides a total luck combination of 26 or greater. Your aim is to catch as many Eggscavator and Hare Razor mice as possible (luck involved in specific quantities). Use strategies from the “General Strategy” page and you should be well off.

This is the basically it for strategy, and we will continue to analyze with our own team members to provide you with further improvements in strategy if necessary.

Happy Easter and Good Luck Hunting!


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