A Special Message From the Creator

We, as a team of mousehunting professionals, are committed to providing genuine guides and strategy for the Mousehunter. The purpose is so that every hunter can benefit from a helpful source of strategy and pursue their interests more fully. What brought you here was exactly what brought our team to make this page – the desire and undertaking to be the best Mousehunter. Thus, we consider you to be a part of the community as a whole, and hope every hunter has their struggles diminished and resolved. Furthermore, we are certain that with our team of professional hunter advisors and authentic advice and resources, the prestige of your status, the courageousness of your hunting character, and devoired interest will be proven worthy and superior.

Exclusive Strategies for the Mousehunter” – TheMouseHunter

Thank You,
Jerry P.

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Community Email: themousehunterguide@gmail.com


Blog Administrators and Editors

Jerry P. – Creator, Chief Management Officer, Primary Author

K – Management Advisory, Chief Editor, Author

Austin Z. – Author, Editor

Hal L.– Chief Analyst, Author

Cory Y. – Communications Manager, Technical Specifications, Editor



A Special Thanks to Helpful Volunteers:

(Have your name added to this list by sending to us through our community email or comments Suggestions, Pictures or Technical Enhancements).

David W. (Very Special Contributor)

Vinit R. (Special Contributor)

August N.

Stephen L.

David M.

John L.

Richard W.

Anonymous Contributors

Supporters and Critics

& Hunters Like You who Support our Blog.


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