Iceberg, Dead Ahead!

To the Hunters at the Slushy Shoreline:

After 1.5 million Hull Fragments has been collected, the new Iceberg area will be unlocked, so put in some extra effort for it to come out soon!

Your trap setup should be: Best Hydro (Oasis Water Node, Heat Bath, Ancient Spear Gun etc…) equipped with a base of your choice (preferably high luck) and the new Softserve charms. If you have not yet done so, your goal is to upgrade this trap to the Steam Laser Mk.1 which is described below.

Cheese Shop: Standard Prices! Gouda should be used as the primary bait.
Trapsmith: Steam Laser Mk.1 – This trap is extremely powerful and can be obtained through the looting of the necessary Heating Oil, Wire Spool and Frozen metal components (5 of each) and 345,000 gold.
Other: Interesting base blueprints and charms that are yet to be described in more detail!

As the area progresses and the Iceberg opens, we will post more updates and eventually integrate these new additions to our Lord page of the Hunter’s Guide.

Slushy Showdown – View our Specific Strategy page under the Special and Tournament subheadings for strategies specific to this tournament and the General Strategy page for overall team success.

Happy Hunting,

Jerry P.



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One response to “Iceberg, Dead Ahead!”

  1. PaCh says :

    Will this guide ever be updated?

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