Slushy Shoreline

The invasion of new species creates an addition to the map!

If you are Lord/Lady and have at least 25 million points, travel to the Harbor  and order the Icebreaker License.  After paying him 145,000 gold and waiting an hour, you will find a newly added map area called the Slushy Shoreline. Not surprisingly, these mice are all Hydro-type mice, hence the name and location. There are six mice in this location, which drop war supplies and war scraps, but only for a week!

Furthermore, you may have heard a few days ago of a Wolfskie mouse running loose, which can be found in the areas listed below.

Calm Clearing
Cape Clawed
Crystal Library
Great Gnarled Tree
King’s Arms
Muridae Market
S.S. Huntington II
Town of Digby
Town of Gnawnia
Training Grounds

Happy Hunting!


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