Saint Patrick’s Day

Sorry for the temporary “disconnection” as we did not have a Birthday Guide up in time due to some conflicting problems. Fortunately these issues have been resolved and we will be adding new content to the guide (like special quests and the guides to gold/points).

Back to the actual update: This Saturday is Saint Patrick’s Day, and the developers gave us a +5 luck weekend. With the additional +5 to your luck, you have an oppurtunity to conquer those incredibly annoying and difficult mice (Acolyte, Dojo Sensei, Dreaded Horde, Balack etc..), or just stay where you are and enjoy the extra luck. In addition to this, the White Mouse is dyed green! During Saint Patrick’s day weekend only, he will be dropping the Seven Leaf Clover Cap (a collectible item). On another note, it is unfortunate that the number of the infamous Leprechaun mice released a day won’t be increased this weekend.

Well anyways, the short St. Patrick’s Day event is about it for now. But now that we’re back, expect new additions to this guide soon, so be sure to check here in the next few days!


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