End of Valentines Event

Hey guys!

As you may know, the Valentine’s Event ended yesterday. I hope you caught the Forever Alone Mouse and made him happier (lol at the irony).

New: The Pygmy Wrangler Mouse has been released. “It’s not often you get to cross paths with an honest-to-goodness Pygmy Wrangler! This rough-and-tough gal left behind a life of archeology looking for danger and excitement. When not raiding for lost treasures in the deepest and most dangerous regions of the Jungle of Dread, she can be found wrangling up Pygmy mice and keeping them in line. Her thirst for wild adventure and exotic treasures has given her a taste for SUPER|brie+, but she will still occasionally settle for a simpler cheese.”

Just arm your shadow trap with SB+, Vanilla Stilton, or Gouda and you will attract her.

Next Event: Mousehunt’s 4th Birthday
A preview of the birthday trap can be seen here!


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One response to “End of Valentines Event”

  1. PaCh says :

    I like the guide, but is it still being updated?

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