New Pages!

Let’s get straight to the point: What’s New & Hot?

The Hunter’s Guide – We have a unique and exciting guide that now extends all the way to Knight. Wondering about how to start the game, master Furoma, or catch the Dragon? All of this can be found in our Guide. Our Lord/Lady and Baron pages will be completed very soon. We hope that you hunters are as interested as us in the nearing completion of this full Mousehunt Guide.

Tournament Strategy – Along with the Full Guide, we have something EXCLUSIVE to our blog to offer. That, is the new Tournament Strategy page written by a former MouseHunt Champion! Our first version of this strategically enhanced guide to Tournament Success has been published. Check it out!

About Page – As more hunters are beginning to visit our blog, we decided to give a little special message to you viewers, along with our members involved and contact information. Please feel free to comment, send suggestions, or ask questions. These are always taken to the highest priority!

Site Layout – We now have an enhanced Hunter Navigation area on the side and a convenient new widget that allows easy access to our Guide.

As always, we provide Exclusive Strategies for the Mousehunter.

Thank you to all who have supported by viewing and hopefully benefiting from this blog.

~Jerry P., Blog Creator


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One response to “New Pages!”

  1. AustinZhang says :

    when is the lord page coming in?

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