Tournament Hall is Open!!

Hey guys!

Today Gnawnia opened its long awaited Tournament Hall. Inside you will find many goodies. The thing that caught my eyes was the Golden Tournament Base, it has 500 power, a 15% power bonus, and eight luck, but when you equip a champion charm, you will gain the effect of four additional luck! I have a feeling that this base will trump the Magma Base. The only downside is that in total, it takes 305 tournament tokens to get, so unless you are a veteran hunter, these tokens may take a while to gather.

Also there are the Bronze Tournament Base and the Sliver Tournament Base, which are both not as amazing as the Golden Tournament Base, but are the the prerequisite to getting one.

On another note, the Kings Arms is now open. This replaces the Prize Shoppe and has its own location.

On the last note, I sense Ronza is coming~~

Okay, bye guys!

Golden Tournament Base

Golden Tournament Base


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