Helpful Links

Hello! MouseHunt is one of my favorite games.

To help you thorough your hunting journey, I personally recommend some links that can help you on your hunting journey.

  • MouseHunt Wiki can be found here, it is a great website and can help with crafting and trap info.
  • is also a great website that includes traveling tools and useful timers.
  • Mousehunt Analytic is also a good guide that can help give you a second opinion on what you see here.

These are only a few good websites, feel free to look for more.

Happy Hunting!


2 responses to “Helpful Links”

  1. Sunny Boy says :

    can I join this blog

  2. MastaPan says :

    We are not accepting anymore direct entries to this blog. However, if you’d like to contribute any content or suggestions, we’d be happy to incorporate them and include your name on the “Special Thanks” list. Send any suggestions to, our new community email address.

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