Iceberg, Dead Ahead!

To the Hunters at the Slushy Shoreline:

After 1.5 million Hull Fragments has been collected, the new Iceberg area will be unlocked, so put in some extra effort for it to come out soon!

Your trap setup should be: Best Hydro (Oasis Water Node, Heat Bath, Ancient Spear Gun etc…) equipped with a base of your choice (preferably high luck) and the new Softserve charms. If you have not yet done so, your goal is to upgrade this trap to the Steam Laser Mk.1 which is described below.

Cheese Shop: Standard Prices! Gouda should be used as the primary bait.
Trapsmith: Steam Laser Mk.1 – This trap is extremely powerful and can be obtained through the looting of the necessary Heating Oil, Wire Spool and Frozen metal components (5 of each) and 345,000 gold.
Other: Interesting base blueprints and charms that are yet to be described in more detail!

As the area progresses and the Iceberg opens, we will post more updates and eventually integrate these new additions to our Lord page of the Hunter’s Guide.

Slushy Showdown – View our Specific Strategy page under the Special and Tournament subheadings for strategies specific to this tournament and the General Strategy page for overall team success.

Happy Hunting,

Jerry P.



Slushy Shoreline

The invasion of new species creates an addition to the map!

If you are Lord/Lady and have at least 25 million points, travel to the Harbor  and order the Icebreaker License.  After paying him 145,000 gold and waiting an hour, you will find a newly added map area called the Slushy Shoreline. Not surprisingly, these mice are all Hydro-type mice, hence the name and location. There are six mice in this location, which drop war supplies and war scraps, but only for a week!

Furthermore, you may have heard a few days ago of a Wolfskie mouse running loose, which can be found in the areas listed below.

Calm Clearing
Cape Clawed
Crystal Library
Great Gnarled Tree
King’s Arms
Muridae Market
S.S. Huntington II
Town of Digby
Town of Gnawnia
Training Grounds

Happy Hunting!

Whisking through the Woods!

Check out this new tourney!

We have linked two pages of our guide to this post to help you out.

1) Specific strategy for this tournament HERE

2) General Strategy for team success HERE

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Closing of the Chocolate Factory

The Easter Egg Hunt was surely a fun and unique event! Sadly, the Chocolate Factory closed, but all the shops there are still there. You can still find bonus eggs across the land, but these will also be gone on Monday, April 23, so hurry and collect all the eggs you need!

Spring Egg Hunt 2012!


The Spring Hunt 2012 has started! If you’re late on the news, check out the post under the News section of the forums. View our short guide HERE or under the “Events” drop down menu!

Happy Easter!

TheMousehunter Team

Egg Painter Mouse

New Guide to Gold

Our first edition of the Guide to Gold, as mentioned in the post below, has recently been completed. Check it out under “The Guides” drop-down menu!

Page Updates!

We are glad to announce that we have just finished some important additions to our guide! If you have seen our guide before, you will notice a change in the header drop-down menus. There is a new section called “Special”  where “Tournament Strategy” used to be. Now, the Special drop down menu has our new Special Quests, along with the updated Tournament Strategy Section below that. A few finishing touches will be added to our Guide to Gold which will be under the “The Guides” (***Note: This was is a correction previously stated as under the Special section) in the coming days as well.

There’s much more to come and we will continue to improve this guide for the benefit of your hunting!

If you have any questions, please visit the About page for contact information.

Jerry P.

Tournament Update

Recently, there has been an update to tournaments. Currently the major changes are: the new Challenger prize status ( top 10%), 3 hour tournaments, Team Journals, and team size! Your team can be expanded to a maximum of 8 members! There is a prerequisite to unlocking each one as follows: 6th spot -competed in 10 tournaments; 7th spot – participant for 10 tournaments, and for the last spot you need to be a competitor for 10 tournaments. One last note, if you go to each specific tournament you can see if you are in the right area to earn points.


Saint Patrick’s Day

Sorry for the temporary “disconnection” as we did not have a Birthday Guide up in time due to some conflicting problems. Fortunately these issues have been resolved and we will be adding new content to the guide (like special quests and the guides to gold/points).

Back to the actual update: This Saturday is Saint Patrick’s Day, and the developers gave us a +5 luck weekend. With the additional +5 to your luck, you have an oppurtunity to conquer those incredibly annoying and difficult mice (Acolyte, Dojo Sensei, Dreaded Horde, Balack etc..), or just stay where you are and enjoy the extra luck. In addition to this, the White Mouse is dyed green! During Saint Patrick’s day weekend only, he will be dropping the Seven Leaf Clover Cap (a collectible item). On another note, it is unfortunate that the number of the infamous Leprechaun mice released a day won’t be increased this weekend.

Well anyways, the short St. Patrick’s Day event is about it for now. But now that we’re back, expect new additions to this guide soon, so be sure to check here in the next few days!

End of Valentines Event

Hey guys!

As you may know, the Valentine’s Event ended yesterday. I hope you caught the Forever Alone Mouse and made him happier (lol at the irony).

New: The Pygmy Wrangler Mouse has been released. “It’s not often you get to cross paths with an honest-to-goodness Pygmy Wrangler! This rough-and-tough gal left behind a life of archeology looking for danger and excitement. When not raiding for lost treasures in the deepest and most dangerous regions of the Jungle of Dread, she can be found wrangling up Pygmy mice and keeping them in line. Her thirst for wild adventure and exotic treasures has given her a taste for SUPER|brie+, but she will still occasionally settle for a simpler cheese.”

Just arm your shadow trap with SB+, Vanilla Stilton, or Gouda and you will attract her.

Next Event: Mousehunt’s 4th Birthday
A preview of the birthday trap can be seen here!